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Prince’s huge best selling single– and one of his best songs– is “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.” But the single and the album it came from, “The Gold Experience,” are not on iTunes.

Also not on iTunes– things like “The Black Album” and “Musicology” or “Emanicipation.” They’re findable on amazon, but often as collector’s items.

“Crystal Ball,” a three CD package, can be found on Amazon for $380. It’s listed as an import. It was a limited release in the U.S.

Also not on iTunes but on amazon with the price going up– “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic,” the album Prince released with Clive Davis on Arista in 1999. Prince put on a full show for a small group of us when the CD was being released thanks to Clive.

Many of these releases are after Prince left Warner Music Group (not the current one but the one that was destroyed). The records fell through the cracks after their initial distribution. Now they’ll become part of the Prince Estate.

I hope Sirius XM is playing “Most Beautiful Girl.” Prince gave it to Al Bell, the famous ex head of Stax Records, for Al’s indie label. It zoomed to the top of the charts and stayed there.

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