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“Divergent: Allegiant” the third and final episode of Lions Gate Films’ last young adult film series, is in trouble. So far the film has scared up a Zero as in “0”– goose egg– among critics. There are 11 negative reviews posted, not one positive.

The movie opens March 18th.

One reviewer called it “More like Redundant.”

Lions Gate stock is selling around $23 right now, which is better than its low on February 5th of $16, but far from its high of $41 in the last year.

It doesn’t help that their current release “Gods of Egypt” is a disaster. That sandals and slinging saga has made $23.4 million in 11 days. How they’ll ever get to $140 million is a mystery.

If “Allegiant” really bottoms out on release, LGF will really be in trouble. Their other two releases so far for 2016– “Norm of the North” and “The Choice”– are better not spoken about.


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