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“Mad Men” is playing it pretty close to the vest with any spoilers or info about the last six episodes. Watching the coming attractions is kind of an inside joke at this point. But here are the tidbits that have surfaced about the next three episodes. The fun part is trying to figure out if they mean anything at all. It will also be interesting to see if the show sticks to a timeline of spring-summer 1970 as we know they just finished April 20, 1970. Look at these: do Peggy and Pete not agree on finding their child? Does Roger make Don go to my bar mitzvah? (June 13, 1970, don’t think they were invited.) Wait and see. More to come…

Meantime, how very classy that they dedicated the show last night to the memory of Mike Nichols.

Episode #7.9– New Business
Don receives unwanted advice from Roger; Peggy and Stan do not agree on an account’s personnel.

Episode #7.10–The Forecast

Roger pawns off a project on Don; Joan goes on a business trip; Peggy and Pete cannot agree.

Episode #7.11–Time & Life

Don comes up with a big idea; Roger asks Joan to help him fix a clerical error.

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