SUNDAY UPDATE  It was a weekend total of $20 mil for “Ouija,” $14 mil for “John Wick” and $13 mil for “Fury.”

Producer Jason Blum has done it again. His “Ouija,” a movie based on the Hasbro game, was number 1 on Friday night. The low budget horror film has no stars. But it beat Keanu Reeves in “John Wick” and Brad Pitt in “Fury” handily. “Ouija” took in over $8.3 million vs. $5.4 mil plus for Keanu and $4 mil plus for Pitt.

Blum, who got his start at Miramax under the Weinsteins, is responsible for the “Paranormal Activity” Series– movies that cost around $5 million and gross up to $100 mil in some cases.

“Ouija” is based on the board game with the Ouija board and a lot of imagination. You ask the board questions and see what an unseen hand spells out. In this case, for Universal, it spells out sequels galore.

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