Home Uncategorized “The Lone Ranger” Has Weak Opening with $9.7Mil

“The Lone Ranger” took a spill on Wednesday bringing in $9.7 million on its opening night. That included $2 million from midnight showings, which means it really did $7.7 mil on Wednesday. Thursday figures will be in around noon today. That’s when we’ll see the real damage. Disney has another “John Carter” on its hands, only this time it may be worse because foreign audiences  may not sit still for this long, talky movie about American history in the West.

Disney’s consolation is their massive Pixar hit, “Monsters University,” which is a blockbuster. But Disney struggles with live action hits made for adults. The sad part is that they saw the writing on the wall and stopped “The Lone Ranger” for a while because of it budget. Apparently no one looked at the script. People who’ve seen the movie are still asking about the crazy tarantula-eating rabbits. What are they all about? I have no idea.

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