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Did singer Drake Bell block Paris Jackson on Twitter? Seems like it. Paris tweeted last night that she tried to re-tweet a Bell tweet about a YouTube singer named Dwayne Cooke. Seems like both Paris and Drake liked Dwayne’s rendition of Sam Cooke’s classic “A Change is Gonna Come.” But when Paris tried to re-Tweet Drake, she got a surprise. And the 15 year Paris doesn’t suffer fools lightly. She Tweeted the blocking immediately to her million plus followers. Good for her. What’s going on here? Let me translate. Bell is a pop singer. He and Justin Bieber are in some sort of feud. Paris is a Bieber believer, or a Belieber. (If you’re an adult, that’s more like beleaguered.) Bell, who professes to be a Michael Jackson fan, doesn’t have much love for the King of Pop’s precocious daughter. And there you have our visit to teenland for the day. I don’t know who Dwayne Cooke is, or why these two like him. I don’t think he’s related to Sam Cooke, but anything is possible. “A Change is Gonna Come” is the Towering Song at this June’s Songwriters Hall of Fame awards.


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