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James Bond 23 opens today in the United Kingdom. Expect a windfall for “Skyfall” as for once in a long time everything is right with the fabled spy action series. “Skyfall” ends with a notice, like all the other films in the series, that “James Bond will Return.” My colleague at the Daily Mail in London, Baz Bamigboye, reports today that Bond 24 is already in pre-production, John Logan is writing the script (as he did for “Skyfall”) and that Daniel Craig will be back in his tux by the end of 2014 if not sooner.

Also expect that Ralph Fiennes will succeed Judi Dench as M. Dench has a full plate of movies and theater, but running around a field with a semi automatic weapon isn’t “optimal” even at her most youthful demeanor. Dench gets a lot of airtime in “Skyfall,” capping a brilliant run as M starting back in 1994. She’s the longest running actor in the James Bond series. And she’s probably getting an Oscar nod this year for “Best Exotic Mariold Hotel.” Dame Judi is just starting a new Stephen Frears movie with Steve Coogan that sounds like a winner.

Who will direct Bond 24? They’d be smart to stick with Sam Mendes. But the producers are said to be considering Christopher Nolan, among others. And who should be next to write and sing the Bond theme song? Since Adele filled the ladies’ slot this time ’round, my vote is for Sting. I always thought his “Tomorrow We’ll See” was a James Bond song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=576vw_qbqLs

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  1. I saw Skyfall yday,
    It was an awesome movie,
    We’ll miss Judi Dench as character M,
    Being a bond movie fan, i can tell that,
    The movie’s got great story line up, with superb action flicks in different exotic locations, with ravishing beauties like Berenice N Naiomi bond girls,
    But the movie comparatively slow when compared to other Daniel Craig’s bond movies and Pierce Brosnan’s,
    Daniel Craig’s acting is superb as usual,
    And i heard that the Batman Trilogy director Christopher Nolan would be directing the next bond movie Bond 24,
    So glad to hear that,
    Mr.Nolan got great creativity and a genius director, i’ve seen his movies like Inception, Batman trilogy,momento,
    Would love to see him as a director of Bond 24.
    The Name’s Nolan, Christopher Nolan.
    Next bond movie director.

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