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I knew this story yesterday, and held off at the request of some insiders. But I can tell you that Michael Jackson’s estate lawyers, Katherine Jackson’s lawyers and the Jackson kids’ guardian ad litem are going to go to Judge Beckloff at Los Angeles Superior Court. With Katherine Jackson unreachable and out of town, the group will present a temporary guardian to watch Prince, Paris and Blanket and be repsonsible for them. The fight is on. Who the guardian will be is still unknown, but Tito Jackson’s adult sons have been with the kids the most, and have a great rapport with them.

Confirmed: As guardian, Mrs. Jackson has already legally appointed one of the three T’s–Tito Jackson’s sons–as her replacement guardian. When the lawyers go to court, one of the T’s–Terrell, TJ or Taj– will be named if Mrs. Jackson doesn’t appear in court.


The picture taken of Katherine Jackson and “family” and then sold to X17online.com by Randy Jackson– the people in the picture are Rebbie Jackson, her grandson, Katherine Jackson, Janet Jackson’s security guard, and a woman named Janice Smith. Smith is Mrs. Jackson’s personal assistant, who works for her in the Hayvenhurst Avenue house in Encino. According to sources, it was Janice Smith who helped engineer Mrs. Jackson’s trip to Arizona. I’m told that Mrs. Jackson has no idea that Janice Smith has been in cahoots with several of the Jackson children in order to effect this “palace coup.”  More to come…

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