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Saturday–June 9th -James Franco is flying up to New York from New Orleans, where he’s shooting at least one movie. He and performance artist Laurel Nakadate are going to give a talk at the New Museum on the Bowery beginning at 5:30pm. There will not be a psychic involved, even though there had been rumors. The last time these two did something, there was a seance. Franco is going to show a short film about his late friend, Brad Renfro, called “Brad Renfro Forever.” There will be the opportunity to buy a limited edition switchblade emblazoned with the words Renfro Forever. There are 100 knives, made by a famous knife maker. It seems like they may sell for $850. You can read more about it at  http://www.thethingquarterly.com/projects/james-franco.html.

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  1. Hi Roger-I faithfully read your columns here and at Forbes.com. You are one of the very few who tells it like it really is and I admire you for it. The posterior kissing, sycophantic and PR spoon fed entertainment “writers” and sites are a joke so I appreciate your honest and straightforward style. I especially enjoy your keen investigative reporting on the pseudo charity organizations and other publicity seeking manufactured scams and stunts by the usual suspects. I love the reaction of the madonna mob when you post the truth about her. Keep up the great work. But the last few days I have been unable to access you on Forbes. Are you no longer contributing to them?

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