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Jennifer Hudson and her sister got the right news yesterday: William Balfour was convicted of killing their mother, Jennifer’s nephew, and her brother. Balfour was Julia Hudson’s estranged husband. He was angry that she was seeing someone else, after they had separated. This unimaginable loss for the Hudsons has been met with quiet dignity.

Jennifer has never once used her celebrity in the cause of justice. She is a class act, and incredibly courageous. You can tell what a good job her mother did raising her, so it’s even sadder that she has not been able to see what a great success and lovely young woman Jennifer has turned out to be.

Here’s the statement from Jennifer and her sister Julia, who lost a child in this tragedy: “We have felt the love and support from people all over the world, and we’re very grateful. We want to extend a prayer from the Hudson family to the Balfour family. We have all suffered terrible loss in this tragedy.”They also quote Scripture: “It is our prayer that the Lord will forgive Mr. Balfour of these heinous acts and bring his heart into repentance some day.”

I met Jennifer with her mother in Cannes the year “Dreamgirls” came out–2006. You could feel the bond between them. Now Jennifer and Julia will go forward in their lives, with their loved ones in their hearts.

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