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Charlie Sheen–now in the hospital after being rushed there with severe abdominal pain–is in a sad spot. Yes, he’s famous for partying with hookers and strippers and living it up. He’s been in rehab  several times and certainly is a drug addict. But a source close to Sheen tells me, surprisingly, that even with all that rehab Sheen has never had an intervention.

“I don’t know who his friends are,” says my observer. “He doesn’t seem to have any. An intervention can’t be your accountant and lawyer. It has to be with meaningful people in your life. I’m not sure who that would be.”

Good question. Sheen seems to have no wing men. Leo has Kevin. Ben and Matt used to have each other. Warren had Jack. But where’s the good buddy in this story?

What a strange, sad story. Sheen’s parents, actor Martin Sheen and his wife Janet, are two of the nicest people you could hope to meet. Emilio Estevez, Charlie’s brother, again, is charming, polite and talented. It’s a little weird that Martin Sheen, a political activist and a take charge guy, has never organized a family intervention. But you never know what goes on inside a family. Think of “Ordinary People.” No one can be judged, but still…

So far today, Sheen hasn’t gone in for any kind of surgery. Reports are that he partied hard last night, and an ambulance was called to his home in Los Angeles at dawn. He remains in the emergency room. TMZ, if you believe them, says he had a “briefcase full of cocaine” delivered to the house.

Sheen, 45, has a grown, married daughter who’s 26 years old. He has two kids with Denise Richards, and two more with Brooke Mueller. He’s been married three times. He once dated Kelly Preston, and accidentally shot her — with a gun– in the arm. The wound required stitches only, thank goodness.

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  1. I know Martin Sheen and I can assure you that he and his wife Janet, who have been married for 50 years, have tried repeatedly to talk sense into their son. You act like an intervention is some kind of cure-all. Most of them don’t work. For you to imply some kind of familial neglect is just plain wrong.

    As you yourself note,Charlie is a drug addict, with tons of money and as the star of CBS biggest hit, power as well. He’s an adult and he does what he wants, no matter how many people advise him (and they do) and attempts to clean-up. (he’s tried and failed numerous times).

    Look how low Robert Downey Jr. had to fall to go straight. It was only when he spent a year of hard time in California’s notorious Corcoran prison that he saw the light. Maybe that’s what has to happen here.

  2. Charlie Sheen’s end will not come in the form of stomach pains. His end will come, unfortunately, in a prison cell, where he ends up after one night of partying too many — the cops arrive and find him conscious, drunk and high, sitting next to the body of a dead girl.

    Remember that scene in Godfather 2. Only this time, “Al Neri” won’t be in the bathroom washing his hands when “Tom Hayden” shows up.

    His family could be the nicest bunch of people — however, they are also likely, dysfunctional, and unable to tell their son anything.

    Addicts like Charlie Sheen just keep going and going until they either get tired of getting high, die, or cause someone else to.

    Time will tell.

  3. Wha the heck is up with this guy? He earns a million plus smackeroos each week but he he’s got a hole in his psyche big enough to stand in. As my late dad would say, Charlie Sheen ‘aint got sense enough to come out of the damn rain!!’

  4. He also has 2 kids with Denise Richards.

    I wouldnt be surprised if he OD soon, but hes been doing it so long he probably knows his limits.

    Chuck Lorre should have an intervention. After all, it it wasnt for Chuck, Charlie might be broke and out of work now.

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