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Even Anderson Cooper is outraged: Camille Grammer is leaving “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” at the conclusion of this “season.”

No one can guess why? But it’s pretty obvious: Kelsey Grammer wanted her off that show.

Let’s rewind to last spring, and the Broadway opening of “La Cage Aux Folles.” Before the curtain went up, Camille and the “Housewives” camera crew invaded the Longacre Theater. For the first time ever, a crew was shooting in the orchestra section seating and the show hadn’t even begun! It was Bravo, and they were filming Camille and her plasticized cohorts from “Housewives.” It was tacky and unprecedented. Kelsey was not happy.

As recently as a few weeks ago I ran into Kelsey and his succeeding wife/girlfriend Kayte. We talked about the whole “Housewives” incident, as well as that same camera crew filming him at the “La Cage” opening night party. He had not been pleased.

Just before Christmas, Camille Grammer had according to reports rejected a $30 million divorce settlement. She felt she was owed $50 million for 13 years of marriage, no prepnup, and her share of Kelsey’s “Frasier” career. Now it seems like a deal may have been reached over the holidays. But part of that divorce agreement, no doubt, is a clause that gets Kelsey’s ex wife off the air. The Emmy winner has lots of projects in the future, including an offer to be in Sarah Jessica Parker‘s new movie. He doesn’t need ghosts of marriages past haunting him on TV. Camille will have to be satisfied with the 50 mil, and — as depicted in the already seen episodes–four nannies for two children.

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  1. You think she would have been happy with $30m, considering he’d been on Frasier for 4 year when they married.

    Please get a prenup this time Kelsey!

  2. That woman is delusional………..how anyone can tolerate her behavior is beyond me. She has VERY selective hearing and it’s an easy goodbye to her and her bug eyes. She shows about as much sincerity as chewed gum. I wouldn’t trust her for a moment.

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