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Well, Barry Weiss is out at Sony-BMG-RCA- whatever. He’s leaving for Universal Music Group.

Barry was not a popular figure at Sony etc. And in the mix of candidates to replace Rolf Schmidt Holtz as head of Sony Music, Weiss was a candidate without porfolio.

What figured in his decision to leave? It might have been the Michael Jackson album. Rob Stringer actually pulled it off. The album is done, and it’s very good. It will sell like hotcakes, or IPads, or something. Stringer may be poised to take Schmidt-Holtz’s position now. His only competition within the company is Steve Barnett.

Weiss had a major blow out with a favorite Sony Music employee earlier this fall. It’s gone unreported so far, but suffice to say the whole saga didn’t set well anywhere. It may have just been timing and chemistry. At UMG, Barry could have loads of hits and smooth sailing. The industry reshuffles fast. There are second and third acts galore. Good luck to him.

More to come…

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  1. The music industry may reshuffle but it still seems to be a monoculture. I don’t mean this in a hostile way, but can anyone who isn’t Jewish and male lead a music label? It wouldn’t seem so, not for many years anyway. And they wonder why the music industry is moribund and can’t adapt to the current cultural climate! They need some new faces and new perspectives.

  2. I agree with the above comment. You were always the best source for Michael Jackson news and continue to be. Don’t mind the naysayers who know so little about Michael Jackson that they would believe certain people in his family who were scroungers, whom MJ despised, over his trusted record producers and great people like his attorney John Branca. Keep it up Roger! Knowledge will always defeat ignorance!

  3. French Sony’s chairman Nicolas Renault officially declared yesterday about 3 songs “Keep Your Head Up”; “Breaking News”; “Monster”:

    “As we know, the estate of Michael Jackson did not hide the intervention of another singer (James Porte) on these three songs”.

  4. Mr. Friedman, I’ve had differences of opinion with you in the past regarding Michael Jackson, for good reasons. I sometimes still do, actually. However, I always knew, then and now, that you are the best source in the media when it comes to reportage on the King of Pop. Keep up the good work.

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