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Yes, “Mad Men” did win the Emmy for Best Drama. It was a great night, but it means I didn’t get to watch Sunday’s episode until just now.

As usual, Harry Crane is being used to deliver some messages to the audience, and maybe the press. In this instance, Harry is busy telling the guys from Life cereal what’s going to happen on “Peyton Place.” In 1965, “Peyton Place”–starring Ryan O’Neal and Mia Farrow–inspired just as much cult loyalty as “Mad Men.” Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen. If I remember correctly, “Peyton Place” aired twice a week at night. That was fairly unusual. So much for Matt Weiner and his hated of “spoilers.” He confirmed for on Sunday night that there are no more advance DVDs for critics. He hates them–the DVDs, not the critics, I hope.

Weiner also told me he sees no reason why his cast won’t win some Emmys next year. “They’re a wonderful group, but maybe they didn’t have big enough moments. You’ll see as the season continues, some big things are going to happen.” It does seem like Don Draper is drinking more and getting into more trouble. He and Peggy are perhaps going on a collision course. And Roger Sterling is having trouble defining his purpose at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Also, Lane Pryce had an odd conversation with Pete.

By the way, Matt Weiner is very proud that “Mad Men” has only filmed in Los Angeles. They’re good at making it look like New York. I could have sworn Don and his gang was celebrating in the 21 Club.

Here’s a clip from “Peyton Place.” Ed Nelson played Dr. Rossi. He’s 82 now. I always liked him. Hope he’s doing well.

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