Home Movies Girls School: “Tanner Hall,” Toronto Film Fest Hit, Set for Fall Release

“Tanner Hall” the movie everyone loved last fall in Toronto. It was directed by Tatiana von Furstenberg and Francesca Gregorini. Yes, their moms are DVF and Barbara Bach (aka Mrs. Ringo Starr.)

Now the fate of “Tanner Hall” has finally been resolved. It’s been bought by Moving Pictures Film & TV. The indie group will release it this fall, which makes sense since it’s a girl’s school movie along the lines of “Mona Lisa Smile” but better.

Last night, star Rooney Mara picked up the Stargazer award at the GenArt Festival for Best Performance by an Emerging Actor. And the movie won the Fest’s jury prize. Acura gave the filmmakers $10.000.

This movie also has a terrific turn by Tom Everett Scott, who needs a break already.

I do like the fact that these filmmakers have not used their family connections to get a major studio involved. They’ve gone the indie route and deserve kudos.

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