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Just when you thought you’d heard everything about OJ Simpson comes a casting call for a new movie.

“Nicole and OJ” — if it’s made — will concern a disbarred lawyer named Douglas McCann and his search for the “truth.” A British writer-director named Joshua Newton is going to make a film about McCann’s investigation in 2000 to find a missing phone call that would exonerate Simpson in the double murders of his ex wife Nicole and friend Ron Goldman.

In 2000, Simpson — using McCann– sued the General Telephone Company for its records. They say that Nicole Simpson spoke to her mother at 11pm the night of the murders, thus giving OJ an alibi.

The suit read: “This telephone statement is the most crucial, relevant, exculpatory piece of evidence that goes to the fact that Nicole was alive at 11 p.m., June 12, 1994, as Simpson departed for Los Angeles International Airport via limousine, supporting his claim of innocence.”

The Brown family attorney Dan Petrocelli dismissed the whole thing as hogwash back in 2000. He said. “He’s just trying to make up a story to con the public into buying his protestation of innocence.”

As we now know, nothing happened. And OJ went to jail for nine blissful years anyway on another charge altogether.

Why is anyone making this movie? I don’t know. But McCann was subsequently disbarred by the State of California in 2003 after several infractions.

The tag line for Newton’s movie is: “What they told you. What they showed you. Was fake news.” LOL.

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