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It’s no surprise, and I’ve written about it before: but John Travolta and Kelly Preston are continuing to donate tax free money from the non profit charity they started for their late son to Scientology. Of course, this is a little strange since Scientology’s beliefs may be what cost Jett Travolta his life, in the end. For years until the day Jett died the Travoltas insisted Jett was not autistic but suffered from Kawasaki Syndrome. He was not treated for autism as Scientology doesn’t allow treatment of mental or brain issues. Jett’s “manny” when he died wasn’t a trained nurse but a wedding photographer.

Nevertheless, the Travoltas remain devoted to the cause. According to the website for the foundation, www.jett-travolta-foundation.com, contributions have been made in 2013 to several different places. But one of them is Scientology’s questionable group in Haiti that’s recruiting poor people. And the other is the group that performs bogus “detoxification.”

The Haiti group is called GROup Dynamic for the Survival of Haiti. http://www.grodysh.org. This group is run two prominent Scientologists, Leslie Hobbs and Claude Reginald Jean. There’s no mention on their website about Scientology, of course. But their address is in Clearwater, Florida, where all the other Xenu businesses are clustered.

The Form 990 filed by Jett Travolta Foundation omits any detail of where their money went last year. Charities are mandated to list their gifts and grants. But this foundation simply didn’t. The foundation just says it gave grants totaling $120,800.

But on their form 990 for 2012, GRODYSH acknowledges a recent $40,000 donation from the Jett Travolta Foundation. Their total revenue claimed in 2012 was $95,000 so that’s nearly half of what they took in.

And then there’s the International Detoxification Academy. The Jett Travolta Foundation has already donated money to them in 2013 and did so in 2011. Also in 2011, Jett Travolta Foundation donated funds  to Narconon, and to Will Smith’s New Horizon School in Calabasas, California which teaches Scientology Study Tech curriculum.

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  1. One thing I’ve always found weird is how Will Smith seems to evade the flak for Scientology, yet Travolta and Cruise are like magnets for it.

  2. Scientology went to Haiti because it specializes on preying on the vulnerable, including addicts and alcoholics desperate to get clean through its Narconon “rehab” scam. Narconon IS Scientology, and it kills people: there have been multiple deaths in Narconon facilities across the US. There is a class action lawsuit against Narconon of Georgia on behalf of families who have been harmed. Local law enforcement recently raided Narconon and discovered evidence of multiple counts of health insurance fraud and credit card fraud. Don’t let your loved ones go to Narconon!


  3. Arnia, when is the last time your Scientology Volunteer Ministers did a single good deed without having to dress up in bright yellow clothes, driving bright yellow vans and setting up bright yellow tents – all adorned with your Scientology logos and emblems? And let’s not forget the cameras!

    No good deed goes unpublicized, right Arnia? Bravo.

  4. Yes John Travolta does use his plane to do some good things, I don’t think think he’s a bad man, but donating to that cult is misguided, he needs to wake up and smell the bank vaults.

  5. I’m glad you picked up on the GRODYSH scam. The culties have been using Haiti like they have for other disasters. Travolta/Preston bringing little Hubbard booklets to the Haitians. The $cilon Volunteer Ministers distributing food donated from other real organizations. Of course, lots of pics taken.

  6. Wow, is there anything this cult won’t do to rake in money while boldly acting above the law? I’ll guarantee that’s where most if not all of that money went. All Scientologists but particularly those in Clearwater (due to the FLAG base being located there) are heavily pressured to donate all they can or face shunning or even excommunication and separation from family. Where is the IRS on this?

  7. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that the Travolta’s donos are purely humanitarian. There’s a string to pull here. I got my hand slapped a few years ago after I was interviewed by CBS Entertainment Tonight when I said that the Travoltas were complicit in Jett’s death because they took him off medication that controlled his seizures, which led to Jett’s final seizure and death. The string to pull is why they support the very group whose ways led to Jett’s death.

  8. Arnia, Ok we know you’re a $cientologist. There is nothing “charitable” about $cientologists preying on poor people in the time of crisis. There’s nothing noble or virtuous about it. Might want to learn about your cult’s abusive, psychopathic leader, Miscavige and do some research regarding disconnection and the hundreds of law suits filed against the “church.” If they really wanted to help others, they could start with reimbursing people for classes not taken and allow its members to communicate with non-$cientologists. Oh I forgot. You’re not allowed to read anything negative about the “church.” And if you dare to leave, they’ll have you followed, harassed and blackmailed. And this isn’t a cult? Wake up, moron!

  9. Arnia, the only out of pocket expenses Travolta incurred flying supplies to Hati was perhaps for gas and maintenance of the old DC-3. Travolta hauled supplies donated by hospitals in Florida, none were donated by COS. Travolta hauled scientologist ministers, not doctors. He carried about 30 ‘ministers’, weight that could have been used for supplies. Scientologist ministers are trained to administer a type of massage, called a ‘Touch Assist’. As many of the injured in the Haiti lost arms or legs, I don’t think a glorified massage is going to be much help. In fact, a Doctor from Doctors Without Borders said he didn’t think a massage was a good treatment for gangrene.

    Anyone wanting to contribute to the Jett Travolta Foundation needs to know where the money is going. Outsiders may not want to subsidize the quackery of scientology.

    Arnia, how are the steps A thru E going? Out of the RPF yet?

  10. It is utterly despicable that the Jett Travolta Foundation doesn’t donate money to Autism related charities. But then again, the Travoltas took him off his Autism medications before he died. So I guess it is no surprise they use their dead son’s name to garner profits for their destructive cult.

  11. Wow. You actually make a living criticizing from a removed distance, the charitable activities of people who genuinely are trying to help others. When’s the last time YOU flew doctors, food and medicine to Haiti, Roger? Awesome contribution to the world, Roger. Bravo.

  12. Another Scientology scam exposed. Scientology wants the benefits of a religion while not acting like one, and tries to claim scientific validity while providing no proof for its quackery.

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