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Janet Jackson was always considered the “normal” one of Michael’s performing siblings. But today, according to Celebuzz.com, she showed up at her mother’s $30,000 a month rented home in Calabasas, California and tried to take Michael’s three kids away from their house while Janet’s own mother was involuntarily–perhaps– out of town. Janet was accompanied by brothers Jermaine and Randy.

On top of that, Janet signed a letter to Michael’s executors last week demanding that they resign. And she agreed with a statement that Michael “despised” John Branca and John McClain. This, despite the fact that McClain actually gave Janet her career in 1984 at A&M Records with her “Control” album. A few years later it was McClain, always a friend of the Jacksons, who tried to put together Michael and Janet with their brothers for an album and a tour.

Has Janet Jackson lost her mind? Or is she now just like her brothers– in need of Michael’s money. Janet has not had a hit in many, many years. She currently has no recording contract. Her last album, “Discipline,” in 2008, sold only 450,000 copies–it didn’t even go “gold.” The album before that, “20 Y.O.” sold 650,000 copies. Her last real hit album was “Damita Jo” in 2004– eight years ago. And hit singles? She hasn’t had one since 2001, and “Someone to Call My Lover.” That’s eleven years ago, friends.

Does Janet need money? With declining album sales, and less frequent touring, the answer would be yes. Also, most of her hits were written by Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis. Many of her later hits were also based on samples from artists who had to be paid–like Carly Simon. While Janet is a name, she’s aged out of her heyday. Rihanna, Beyonce, and others have long since replaced her.

The one place where Janet can still make money: touring. Her “Number Ones” World Tour in 2011 grossed $60 million, and finished 45th out of the year’s top 50 tours according to Pollstar.com.

When all of that is calculated, it may not be so surprising that Janet Jackson’s behavior has changed–and her attitude toward Michael’s estate. For Janet to try and take Michael’s kids once her mother is out of town–it suggests that something has shifted in Janet Jackson’s mind. She’s trying to get Control, while asking What have you done for me lately?

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  1. Janet Jacksons fans are more deranged and obessessed than MJ fans. They think she is God and can do nothing wrong!

    Rumors are that she isn’t as liquid as people think. Her boyfriend’s money isn’t her money.

  2. As disappointed as I am with the Jacksons and as someone who never was a Janet fan, I must come to her defense where her wealth is concerned and it’s substanstial wealth at that. Janet Jackson is worth upwards $150mil and that can be verified. One would think a blog owner would come equipt with at least a modicum of research about a subject over making assumptions based on the lack of hits or recording contracts or tours. Do you believe she was working for free when she was making hits or touring? No, she got paid. I did what you should have done here:

    In 1991, she signed the first of two record-breaking, multi-million dollar contracts with Virgin Records, establishing her as one of the highest paid artists in the industry. Her debut album under the label, Janet (1993), saw her develop a public image as a sex symbol as she began to explore sexuality in her work. That same year, she appeared in her first starring film role in Poetic Justice; since then she has continued to act in feature films. By the end of the 1990s, Billboard named her the second most successful recording artist of the decade, following Mariah Carey. She has amassed an extensive catalog of hits, with singles such as “Nasty”, “Rhythm Nation”, “That’s the Way Love Goes”, “Together Again”, and “All for You” her most iconic.

    Having sold over 100 million records, she is ranked as one of the best-selling artists in the history of contemporary music.[1] The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lists her as the eleventh best-selling female artist in the United States, with 26 million certified albums.[2] In 2008,


    how hard was that?

  3. This article is full of inaccuracies. First of Janet is a VERY wealthy woman and does not need a cent of MJ’s money which is why she was the only one who told him where to go when needed. Second of all her tour was very successful, plus her last hit on billboard was in 2009. Check your facts before spewing garbage to the public. The Jacksons are human beings stop spreading lies it hurts people.

  4. An entire article based on nothing but assumptions, the main one being Janet is in need of money. Write this article AFTER you obtain a copy of her tax returns and/or her PFS. Until then, let’s do something unheard of, and wait to hear from the actual family. Or even better, leave them the hell alone and move on to an actual news story. We are living in a world where 12 people were shot and killed while watching a movie, and THIS is all you have to write about?

    Kind of pathetic.

  5. Absurd! What makes you think Janet relies on album sales for income? Just because you are middle class and work for a living doesn’t mean everyone is.

  6. And you even mentioned that she made 60 MILLION dollars on her last tour which means she obviously has not been replaced & she’s not in need of Micheals money.

  7. Its crazy how you place all the blame on Janet then simply “Randy & Jermaine accompanied her.” That alone speak vloumes on the validity of this article. Not to mention the obviously delusional and biased write who wrote the line ” Beyonce and Rihanna have since replaced her.” Lololololol, NO. Janet Damita Jo Jackson can never be replaced. Let’s not forget that she opened doors for Beyonce & especially Rhianna. Get it together. This whole article is bullshit.com

  8. Ok I want to know how is she trying to take the kids when she is on vacation with her boyfriend. how can she show up at the house with a camera crew and be on a boat with Wissam in Italy at the same time.

  9. What they hey? The only Jackson who doesn’t seem to have an agenda is LaToya? I’m surprised that Janet is linking up with her greedy siblings. Something is not right with all of this.

  10. Maybe u have lost ur mind…especially to think that Janet who was just cruising in the Mediterranean needs anyone’s money. She even has a BILLIONAIRE boyfriend. Also, check ur facts before u start spitting out Janet trivia. Stop spreading lies just to get views on ur shytty site!

  11. She has lost her mind, I think that they have drugged their mother somehow. I can’t believe that they have stooped this low. Has the CPS been called I this, it’s time foe the kids to be removed from Katherine’s care.

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