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The single, “Breaking News,” breaks on Monday. And still the question persists: how in the world were Michael’s nephews, the 3Ts, as we call them, particularly Taryll, convinced to accede to the wishes of the estate? The Ts should be commended for finally coming around, along with co-executor John McClain and Michael’s kids, who’d issued statements that these weren’t his vocals only the day before.

Click here for a little bit of what Sony will be offering with the new album.

Video after the break


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  1. this is a real album stupid why do you think will i am is mad abot it and michael was planing a coneback album and this was in the works during this is it………………………

  2. Why do you people make lies about the Jackson family we Know this is innacurate info and we know there is no new MJ album The family Is just going to Denie it and I beleive everthing the Jackson family says. You think people are stupid?

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