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Good news: Will Smith didn’t make any charitable donations to Scientology last year.

In the recent past, Smith’s private self-named charitable foundation had donated thousands of dollars to groups associated with Scientology.

So despite Will and wife Jada Pinkett Smith‘s recent appearance at a Scientology lunch in Hollywood with celebrity disciples Tom Cruise and Jenna Elfman, the couple is not giving the cultish group tax free contributions any more.

last year the Smiths handed over $70,000 to Scientology groups. Will once equated the Christian bible with Scientology in an interview. That didn’t go over too well.

This time, instead, the Will Smith Foundation, in papers just filed with the IRS and Guidestar.org, turned its attention elsewhere. Smith gave away about $575,475 in 2009. Another place he could have contributed money but didn’t? His New Village Academy in Calabasas, California. There’s no entry for it. New Village, which has yet to file its own first Form 990 with the IRS, still advertises Scientology teaching on its curriculum list.

The Smiths did some interesting things with their money. A lot of it went to Christian ministries and teaching, including $12,800 to a group called Daughters of Power, in Beverly Hills. It’s an organization that does sort of Christian finishing for teenage girls.

The couple also gave $10,000 to the Harvard Foundation–maybe they’re laying the ground work to send little Jaden or Willow, their movie star children.

The biggest amounts went to Baltimore School for the Arts Foundation ($200,000); City of Refuge in Los Angeles ($150.000). Will also continues to send money to the Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville. That’s a nice touch since he played Ali in the great Michael Mann film.

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  1. This is about the Smith’s school in Calabasas that teaches a Scientology study method called Study Tech. The Smith’s keep insisting they are not Scientologists but their school is teaching using Scientology methods. I love the Smiths but are they Scientologists now, even though they keep denying it, and are they helping turn children into little Scientologists?

    “For three years, NVLA never filed a Form 990 as a school, so it was hard to track their finances. But now a Form 990 Federal Tax filing has suddenly emerged on Guidestar.org just for the year 2010. It shows a few things of interest. For one, Smith donated $1,235,00 to the school in 2010 from his WSJ Trust, not from his publicly scrutinized foundation. That’s why it never showed up before.”

    The head of the school has gone through Scientology training as well as another of its directors.

  2. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith,
    Blessings to you, and yours. My prayer, is that you keep your eyes on the cross, and hold steadfast to the LOVE Christ has for you.
    See His goodness all around u, just look in the eyes of your three children, for when u do, you will not only see the love of God, you will feel it too. Always Faithful to Christ

  3. wow considering how much they make, they are pretty cheap charity wise. I think a lot of us who dont make any where near these overpaid actors make give a bigger percentage of our earnings

  4. I will not watch any movies where the actor is a scientologist…that makes me sick …if he thinks scientology is the real deal…..

  5. Big deal! this means nothing!
    They have to pay fees in order to use Scientology’s “Applied Scholastics” in their school, which is tech written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Applied Scholastics is a Scientology front group.
    They may want people to think that they are not giving the cult any money, but in fact they are through their school.

    They are probably trying to distance themselves to save their careers and their son’s career. Scientology is not too popular right now. Especially with the Nation of Islam now taking courses at Scientology centers.
    The Smiths ARE Scientologists, and they are still giving money to an abusive cult that seperates familes and bleeds their members dry.

  6. Glad that the Smiths of Hollywood are targeting their money in the right direction-hope Will Smith gets some good roles in the process, anyone tainted with Scientology becomes a pariah. I feel a certain sense of loss about Tom Cruise, I remember years when I didn’t miss a movie of his, now I wouldn’t go near them, can’t get the antics and Scientology ravings out of my mind-it does matter you know.
    If Jade Smith gets into Harvard it will be on a BRAT scholarship-what a rude,unappealing little kid. Better get with it Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

  7. I wonder if Will Smith finally saw this, one of my favourite L.Ron Hubbard quotes– “Actually, have you ever noticed how a negro, in particular, down south, where they’re pretty close to the soil, personifies MEST? The gate post and the wagon and the whip and anything around there. A hat — they talk to ’em, you know. “Wassa madda wit you, hat?” [laughter]. They imbue them, with personality.”
    MEST is the Scientology word for Matter, Energy, Space and Time.

  8. Excellent article, thanks for exposing this important information. When in doubt, look at “where” a person spends their money.That’s where their true priorities lie.

    All the cult has now are broken down, fat, aging, “past their prime” actors/actresses to promote it. Nobody is buying it anymore, the word is out. Scientology = poison to anyone’s Hollywood career.

    If anyone still wonders if Scientology will “enhance” their film careers, just look at Tom Cruise. He’s on the down side of the slippery slope of public opinion and falling fast. He was Number One just a few short years ago, until he starting publicly proselytizing for the cult. Now when anyone hears his name, the automatic reaction is a smirk.

    Thanks goodness Will and Jada have woken up. Maybe someone showed them L.Ron Hubbard’s (founder of the cult) racist writings and disgustingly condescending attitudes toward minorities….. you don’t get to “see” those writings until you have been “in the cult” for a few years and scammed out of $200,000. But now, thanks to the internet,it’s out there for all to see for free!

    For an excellent perspective from a black executive…..Google Jessie Prince, he was in their top echelon for decades. When he realized it was a scam, and left, he was then stalked, harrassed, and threatened for years by scientology. He recently testified in Europe regarding this dangerous cult.

    Good luck Will and Jada, you are still America’s Number One Hollywood couple! I look forward to seeing your next movies. You guys rock!!!!

  9. Tom Cruise slavishly reads L. Ron Hubbard’s books on how to live life. Because the cult scares members out of researching Hubbard on the Internet they are completely clueless about the following Facts:

    His first son, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Jr., said “99% of anything my father ever wrote or said about himself is untrue.”

    His second son, Quentin Hubbard, committed suicide in 1976.

    His second wife said he was insane:

    In a letter to Hubbard’s second wife, his first wife said this about him: “I’ve been through it – the beatings, threats on my life, all the sadistic traits you charge – twelve years of it”.

    His third wife was one of 11 high ranking Scientologists sent to jail for their involvement in Operation Snow White.

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