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There’s a good report today by Scott Feinberg in the Hollywood Reporter regarding the current mess with the Oscars.

A source, an Academy governor, claims they were told “ABC will cancel the Oscars” if changes aren’t made.

That may very well be true. Maybe ABC was threatening the Motion Picture Academy. But I think not.

If nothing else, ABC no doubt learned the lesson CBS had this past year with the Academy of Country Music Awards. CBS refused to ante up the $22 million fee the ACM’s wanted. The country music group up and left for the bright horizons of Amazon Prime. They’re planning a big event on Monday night that will draw millions to the Amazon Platform and cross-promote with Amazon Music.

Don’t think for a minute that Netflix or Amazon wouldn’t jump at the chance to have the Oscars. Netflix in particular would love to take over and have the prestige of the Academy Awards. Netflix is in the hunt this for Oscars with “The Power of the Dog” and “Don’t Look Up,” not to mention nods for “The Lost Daughter” and “Tick Tick Boom.” They’re thisclose to being included in Cannes– maybe in 2023. The Oscars would be the final blow in world domination.

And if Netflix or Amazon couldn’t do it, Apple wound grab up the Oscars so fast heads would be spinning. They’re in the running for Best Picture this season with “CODA” and Best Actor with Denzel Washington for “The Tragedy of Macbeth.” Apple is on a roll, sees their opening, and would be delighted to have the Oscars.

So ABC threats? Maybe a little sabre rattling. But that’s it.


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