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Nothing succeeds like emotional brutality.

HBO’s cult series, “Succession,” finally broke back over 600,000 viewers on Sunday night, coming to 645K. That’s up 22% from the previous week which was at 525K. “Succession” season three has see-sawed up and down from its premiere six weeks ago at 564K. This whole third season has had trouble, I think, mostly because of NFL football games.

But episode 7, which just ran, was incendiary. And now Season 3, which had a soft middle, is starting to build toward a finale. Episode 8 is this weekend, 9 and is next.

I watched Episode 8 last night and had actual nightmares over night. The Roy family is so brutal internally you can’t believe each and every one of them isn’t in jail for trying to kill one of their members or dead from suicide. Kendall Roy began the season by trying to burn everything down around him. He is so betrayed in Episode 8 by his parents, each separately, he ends floating in a very bleak place.

I don’t know what happens when pedestrian viewers wander into “Succession.” It’s possible they are instantly terrified by the psychological damage these people are inflicting on another. This is not “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” There’s a conversation between Geri and Shiv in Episode 8 that made me want to pour a stiff drink. Logan uses Kendall’s son for something, for a second, that will blow your mind. Harriet Walter appears as the mother of Shiv, Roman, and Kendall, and I’ll say give her an Emmy now.

So please, take a walk after you watch “Succession.” Don’t go straight to bed. Or you’ll dream– three times in one night– that can’t breathe.

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