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Word is spreading fast that Sting is joining the ranks of other top rock stars and composers. He’s said to be shopping his catalog of songs for at least $250 million.

Right now, Sting’s songs are parked at Sony Music Publishing. Universal Music Publishing is said to be in hot pursuit.

The catalog includes “Every Breath You Take,” “Fields of Gold,” “Fragile.” “Roxanne,” and a plethora of other hits that can be monetized easily. Dozens of Sting written songs can be covered by other artists or used in movies or commercials.

I reported a couple of years ago when Paul McCartney cited “Fields of Gold” as the song he wished he’d written. He probably said that because “Fields of Gold” is a gold mine for any publisher.

Of course, “Every Breath You Take” was awarded most played song ever by BMI last year.

There are a couple dozen more hit songs Sting wrote for The Police including “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” and “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.” Then are the solo hits, including a number of lesser known songs just from the last five years that are ripe for the picking. The sale would include the songs from Sting’s Broadway show, “The Last Ship.”

Sting has a sensational new album coming out tomorrow night called “The Bridge.” He’s “only ” 70 and clearly not going to stop working any time soon. So the catalog’s value just increases more and more.

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