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It’s the final blow for Roseanne Barr tonight on The Conners.

Roseanne Conner, killed off at the beginning of Season 2 of the “Roseanne” spin off, really gets the ultimate diss in this new episode.

Roseanne’s widower, Dan, remarries, to Louise, played by Katy Sagal of “Married with Children” fame. Louise has become a popular character, and fully erased ol’ Roseanne once and for all.

Barr isn’t even profiting off the characters she created for the original series. She had to give that all up when she Tweeted racist comments at the end of Season 1. Then she doubled down on those comments by backing Donald Trump and basically losing her mind in public.

Roseanne was killed off at the start of the second season. This season, even more of her death was discussed, just in case we didn’t get it: she’s dead and not coming back.

Now with Louise’s ascension into the Conner household. Roseanne has been obliterated. Of course, “The Conners” ratings aren’t so great anymore since ABC moved the show from Tuesdays at 8 to Wednesdays at 9. This might be the last season of the spin off. If not, the end will come with Season 5 to be sure.

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