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In sort of a last minute coup de grace, Lana del Rey has gotten the last laugh of the music season.

Last night she released “Norman F. Rockwell,” her new album, a masterpiece, and won the year. She made the Grammy deadline– which is tomorrow– and knocked Taylor Swift off the top of the charts.

“Rockwell” should win the Grammy for Album of the Year and several other awards. It’s that good. Reminiscent of the best of Laura Nyro and Joni Mitchell, the collection of songs is fresh, innovative, and adult. It also feels human. It’s also beautifully produced.

“Rockwell” is number 2 on iTunes right now. Number 1 is the new album by heavy metalers Tool. Swift has fallen to number 3. All told, she sold about 850,000 copies of “Lover” this week— a huge number, no kidding, but very short of the 1 million her last four albums sold.

Lana Del Rey’s album was held for months by Interscope, which was pushing Billie Eilish’s debut album. Eilish had a major debut hit. But “Rockwell” is far superior. After all, Lana del Rey is twice Billie Eilish’s age, and has had a substantial career. But she’s always been a little underrated and overshadowed. “Norman F. Rockwell” launches her into a whole new universe.

And Producer of the Year? Why, Jack Antonoff wins, hands down. Between this and Swift’s “Lover,” he’s the star of the year. Bravo!

PS If you’re new to Lana, I recommend it but be careful– the f word and other things Joni and Laura never considered including, are included.

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