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I told you first and exclusively the where and when of “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner’s wedding to pop star Joe Jonas.

I also told you that Bruno Mars was going to be the entertainment.

So cool that the tabs have never acknowledged our scoops. All they wrote until a few days ago was there would be a wedding in Europe this summer.

What I couldn’t have predicted was the heat wave that’s making Carpentras, France in the Luberon mountains sizzle to record temps.

The wedding will occur during 100 degree-plus days, maybe as high as 110 degrees. This part of France is not near the water. It’s dry and hot without much shade or relief. I know, I was there years ago for a heat wave when senior citizens were dying. There isn’t much air conditioning. That wedding will not begin until 9pm, I guarantee you. It’s too hot. And darkness doesn’t fall right now until 10pm.

Of course, there’s plenty at the Chateau where the wedding and parties are taking place starting tomorrow. It’s very expensive.

Meantime, I’m enjoying all the photos taken from telephoto lenses– long, long zoom– by Splash News and all the tabloids including the Daily Mail. As I told you, Vogue has the exclusive on pictures.

Those poor paparazzi– in the sweltering heat, unable to get near a pool, hiding in bushes or whatever. Keep the rose cold, folks! That will help!


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