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On “Game of Thrones,” Sansa Stark has had seven rough seasons. She’s had so many bad things happen to her, they’re hard to count. At one point she was forced into marriage to Tyrion Lannister. Most of her family was killed at the Red Wedding. And they brought gifts, too!

But come this June, Sansa’s portrayer, Sophie Turner, will do down the aisle voluntarily. I’m told she will marry pop singer Joe Jonas in the South of France. The details have been in motion for a while. The wedding is on. Lucky for Turner, “Game of Thrones” last episode is May 19th.

It won’t be the Red Wedding, either, in which a lot of Sansa’s family met their makers. No, Turner’s and Jonas’s families will likely have a non violent, joyous time in Provence. Unfortunately for Jonas he will have wedding cake but not by the ocean– that’s a reference to his big hit “Cake By the Ocean.” Provence is not near the water. But the estate they’ve rented is sure to have at least one big pool.

Jonas right now is having a big career moment with his brothers, Nick and Kevin Jonas. They’re top of the pops with “Sucker,” their first ever number 1 hit. Kevin has long been married and last year Nick married actress Priyanka Chopra. So imagine the guest list of Throners and rockers, extended friends and family. And the music– because, of course, the Jonas brothers will play at the wedding.

Two best men? Why not? And all the Starks, living and dead. Where will they register?

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