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“Black Panther” surprised everyone with Monday’s box office results. The Ryan Coogler hit did $7 mil more than expected and beat “The Force Awakens” for all time Monday box office champ.

With that extra $7 million, “Panther” established itself as the second highest four day weekend champ, beating “The Last Jedi” and finishing only behind “The Force Awakens.”

That brings “Black Panther to $242 million in just four days– and now we’ve got four more days to finish out the week. A $300 million first week doesn’t sound bad, does it?

I remember when Coogler told me he had to seek out Forest Whitaker’s help at school so he could get “Fruitvale Station” made (a Weinstein company movie, by the way). Whitaker makes an extended cameo in “Black Panther,” which is nice. He should be in all of Ryan’s movies!

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