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This afternoon, we’ve learned, a major screening of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s comedy “The Interview” was cancelled here in New York. At 3:41pm Tuesday, the School of Visual Arts sent out an email notifying all students and faculty that they would not be showing “The Interview” tonight.  The email came right after news broke that anonymous threats had been made against theaters that would show “The Interview” come opening day, December 25th.

The SVA Theater, on West 23rd St., is often used for small premieres, screenings, and movie events. It’s not where Thursday’s NY premiere of “The Interview” is set to take place– if that’s still happening.

The threat was included as a note with the illegal release of over 12,000 emails from Sony Pictures chief Michael Lynton’s emails to media organizations. Those groups immediately began doing the bidding of the so called “GOP’– aka “Guardians of Peace”– to hurt Sony, its staff, and associates– and to stop the release of a small, insignificant satire called “The Interview.”

In the movie, Korean dictator Kim Jong Un picks up an American entertainment show on his TV and asks to be interviewed by its insipid host played by Franco. The host, Dave Skylark, and his producer (Rogen) are tasked by the CIA to kill Kim Jong Un. They go to North Korea, chump around like Abbott and Costello, or Hope and Crosby, and eventually fulfill their goal.

Now of course the media, thinking this an episode of “Batman” with Adam West, has played right into the hands of Gotham City’s villains. And Commissioner Gordon is having trouble texting Batman for help. The villains have convinced Gotham authorities they represent North Korea when in fact the Penguin, Riddler, and Joker — the usual suspects– are secretly behind the whole thing.

This is the R rated trailer with lots of vulgarities:

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