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I told you last week that Beyonce and Jay Z’s stadium tour is selling tickets, but slowly. A source at LiveNation countered that they’ve already sold $86 million worth of tickets, with a goal of $100 million. So hey, slow may be good! A total of 800, 000 people are headed to those 19 dates in the U.S.

But just in case, here’s news: Beyonce will promote the dates on HBO starting this Sunday night. For five minutes before every episode of “True Blood,” HBO will show videos from Beyonce’s “Mrs. Carter” tour. The songs are mostly from her recent album, and the “Mrs. Carter” tour only ended in March so it will all seem quite fresh. The match is good, too, since “True Blood” pulls an upscale audience that would probably buy tickets to see Beyonce and Jay Z.

So isn’t that nice? Everything’s going to work out. I was worried about those two crazy kids for a minute!

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