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KEEP REFRESHING: “Star Wars: Clone Wars” just won a Daytime Emmy for animation. George Lucas and Carrie Fisher are there. No surprise. So they knew. Carrie just stole the show by zetzing Ozzy Osbourne about dropping acid, that they had the same dealer etc…

George Lucas is there. He’s making an acceptance speech.

Earlier: “Dr. Oz” just won Best Talk Show–Informative, and beat Katie Couric. But the presentation was a near mis-hap saved thanks to Aisha Tyler. She opened the envelope with the women from “The Talk” and discovered she had the winner from a different category. Quick thinking saved the day. “There’d better be a drink waiting for me at my table,” said Aisha who also seems to be a foot taller than her co-hosts.

Best Actor in a soap opera: Doug Davidson, from “The Young and the Restless,” who’s been on the show since Ronald Reagan was president. Supporting Actor: a tie– Scott Clifton from “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Billy Miller from “The Young and the Restless.” The latter gave a nice shout out to the late Jeanne Cooper…

PS This is a strange show. Les Moonves, whenever they cut to him, looks a little bewildered….

Keep refreshing…

Monty Hall is getting a Lifetime Achievement Award. The former “Let’s Make a Deal” host is 91 years young. His daughter is famed actress Joanna Gleason. He’s a very nice guy…But is this show directed by anyone? it’s one mistake after another…

BEST GAME SHOW: The Price is Right…

Best Writing, Soap Opera: “The Bold and the Beautiful” — a basically unwatchable TV show. They killed off Susan Flannery’s character, and that got them the award. Otherwise, the show is like a parody of a soap. But it’s written by its producer, Bradley Bell, son of the late William Bell. The Bells are big financial supporters of the Obamas and the Democratic Party. They know from soap opera.

Best Supporting Actress, Soap Opera: Julie Marie Berman, “General Hospital”

You gotta love this show. The audience talks right through the whole thing, and the producers don’t cut the overhead mics…So weird…

Best Actress, Soap Opera: Heather Tom, “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Corbin Bernsen just dropped an F bomb and said “Shit.” No censors on HLN. His mother, Jeanne Cooper, would be proud apparently…Luckily someone remembered Al Freeman, Jr….

Best Younger Actress, Soap Opera: Kristen Alderson, who’s been on “One Life to Live” since she was a child and is now “General Hospital”

Best Talk show: Ellen De Generes

Best Directing, Soap Opera: “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Now Les Moonves is happy.

Best Soap Opera: went to “Days of our Lives” even though it wasn’t the best written or best directed and didn’t have a lead best actor or actress.

Best Talk Show host was Ricki Lake, whose show was cancelled.



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