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UPDATE: It looks like Thursday’s “American Idol” ratings were even worse than Wednesday’s. The show fell from a 4.3 to an alarming 3.6. Sound the alarms! CBS’s comedy block beat “Idol” on Thursday. “Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” together took the 8-9pm time slot handily.

Earlier: What’s happening with “American Idol“? It’s still number 1 in its timeslots, and still a powerhouse, kind of. But on Wednesday night, “Idol” scored its lowest Wednesday rating since 2002 according to tvbythenumbers.com. Here’s what they said: On FOX, American Idol scored a 4.3, down three tenths from last week’s 4.6 adults 18-49 rating and the series’ lowest adults 18-49 rating for a Wednesday since July 10,2002.” Got that?

Last night, “Idol” winnowed 40 contestants of each gender down to 20 apiece. The women, as Nigel Lythgoe told me a couple of weeks ago, are better than the men. The guys do not look like adults and don’t have much stature so far. Maybe things will change as the show progresses.

Of the women, Melinda Ademi seemed the most impressive. And of course, Zoanette was outstanding– but she may be like Frenchie Davis, a bit of a novelty. But she’s arresting to say the least. Angela Miller was spot on, too. She sounds like a recording artist. Candace Glover sang “Girl on Fire,” and full-throated, on key.

The judges: Mariah Carey is a little too reverential. I wish the spicy Mariah would come out. But she seems averse to really critiquing the performers. Nikki Minaj even seemed subdued. Randy remains the voice of reason. But I think the breakout judge is Keith Urban. He’s funny, real, knows the words to songs the contestants are singing, and he mixes it up.

Will “Idol” bounce back in the ratings? Someone there–a  judge, a contestant– has to spark a fire.



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  1. I suffered through much of the Nikki Minaj show one evening and couldn’t bear to watch again. Randy the Dog Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Keith Urban could do a far better job if they were not constantly being upstaged and interrupted by the precious little Minaj diva. Nikki drove me away and I don’t want to come back until she’s gone.

  2. Yeah, Idol was kinda cute for a couple of years, but it got old fast, at least for me. It’s pretty much the same stuff over and over. I don’t think I’ve watched a single episode since about 2006. I don’t know how the audience can muster up enthusiasm for season after season of mediocre singing and one-note judges.

  3. Now that all the idiocy is over…..scripted no-talents pretending they are really trying to sing…I will start watching regularly…really gets good when we have the top 24 and all the music is worthwhile. NM is a joke and an insult to all fans of musical talent….I really like the cowboy judge though !!

  4. I have loved American Idol until this year. I watched it one time and said “ENOUGH”! Where in the world did they find Nikki Manaj? She has about as much business being a judge as I do! It doesn’t surprise me one bit that their rating are falling…..who has the stomach to sit through that?

  5. Nicki Minaj is freakish. I can’t stand looking at her. I respected last years judges and loved looking a J Lo. Tyler was hilarious and Randy brought balance to Tyler.

    Think about it, if you had to spend time with someone who looked like Minaj, you would think she was totally out of touch with reality. She looks inhuman….

  6. I actually like niki more than I thought I would. I’m surprised by some of the reactions on this page but shouldn’t be since most of the people who read drudge are complete racists. The show looses its appeal wo Simon and a constant turnover of judges. I don’t think Mariah adds much but I do like Keith. I’ve always liked randy.

  7. love Keith but he brings low energy and so does Randy, then the ladies fight in constant one upmanship for the spot light and end up cancelling out each other’s energy. Strange panel of judges this time.

  8. HUGE mistake putting two divas on the show. Minaj is a hopeless wreck who looks like a blowup doll animated by a computer geek. It’s clear Mariah was so insulted by Nicki’s addition to the cast that she won’t come out of her shell.

    And after all the talk of making companies and programs “look like America,” how did we get a panel that’s 75% black and 25% non-American Aussie?

    Still, I have no trouble watching Randy, Mariah and Keith – but Nicki’s gotta go. Perhaps the producers can come up with some excuse that will save face for her and save the ratings for them.

  9. I’m afraid of clowns and Minaj looks like Ronald McDonald on crack. She’s destroying the franchise…even my wife won’t watch it and she likes clowns.

  10. I never watch “IdoL”. I suspect that all entrants are auditioned and told how good they are, even when they are not, to be put on the show to be publicaly ridiculed. Talk about bullying! To have to stand there and to be told you are a worthless piece of recuse is too cruel for me to watch!

  11. Nikki Manaj… she has no talent and is not respected. She is great for the teen crowd and the rapper followers, but terrible for those of us who appreciate real talent. Randy is the only “real” judge in my opinion which of course is like a few million others. Most of the folks I know have found it wanting and we’re finished watching..

  12. If only we could have the original judges back! Simon, Paula and of course, Randy. If Randy weren’t there, I wouldn’t watch at all.

    Too many “changes of judges.” (But, I still watch).

  13. The judges this year are horrible!! Some of the people they let through do not seem at all talented. I don’t get it so I quit watching. Worse season ever, and I have watched it every year.

  14. Don’t like the lady judges. Annoying when they have dialogue together. Still like Randy. Keith much too subdued. Boring. Judges are the problem. No one can stand them

  15. the show is such a assembly line staged bs. I have hated it since it came on and yet despite my wishes the show stays on because deep down everyone wants to be a star.

    Get rid of the show.

  16. the problem is Nicki Minaj. I knew as soon as they announced her the ratings would drop. she is very nasty to the contestants and she, herself does not really have talent. I don’t know how the producers can undo this year, but she has got to go. the other three judges are talented people. this woman just displays different wigs and hats. I can’t watch it and neither can my friends.

  17. 1 Diva who loves herself more than all her fans added up, and a 2nd Diva who can’t fit enough obscenities into one line of her songs…and poor Randy, well, he’s always just been for the ride. Yo Dog. You got “IT” dog. These judges are unbearable!

  18. I can’t stand these Minnie Mouse judges…seriously…get some decent ones, and I will watch again!! Maria Carey, and Nicki Manaj…get real!!!

  19. Two problems: 1. Advancing no talent singers whose performances are HORRIBLE. 2. Nikki Minaj is a phony and deeply annoying. Her schtick is juvenile.

  20. Nikki Manaj is too annoying to watch… How did she get the gig? was there no one else in all of music to complete the panel… She should have been last choice!!!

  21. nicki isn’t respected as having a real opinion. Miriah is wonderful, but doesn’t have constructive coments…but she is a real roll model. not like Nicki…

  22. Idol is a terrible show period. it has only been interesting when there is the tryouts. Not the attempts to make those that advance to Hollywood able to carry the show.

    Condense the show for its own survivability. Besides its time has passed and the reality is wearing off.

    The contestants are ridiculous anyway.

  23. Unfortunately it is, as others have stated, the judges. Randy needs to go…he might as well just phone it in…Nicki is okay but the fact that she and Maria don’t hit it off isn’t good TV….Keith is excellent.

    You know no one in the states knew who Simon was when idol started…no one knew Ryan and it seems that when casting you think you have to get big names to make it work…wrong…you just need the right people and right now you don’t have them…Ryan included. Ryan looks bored most of the time this season and again bad television.

  24. It’s the judges, they are horrible. American Idol is doomed if the producers don’t fix this problem. What in the world is that jackass Nikki doing on this show judging the quality of new young singers??????

  25. Nicki makes the show unwatchable!! This show used to be our favorite show but we absolutely cannot endure Nicki. Abominable! Whoever chose to hire her as a judge surely had no respect for the show’s viewers!!

  26. Nikki looks like a robot, not human. It’s creepy and I can’t watch her. It’s like her face is full of botox, doesn’t even move, and her eyes are creepy as well and the fake hair hasto go. Get rid of her and get a real human judge in her place. Idol is done for if they don’t replace her. The other one needs to stop eating so much. she is huge.

  27. The show is really bad now and the JUDGES are the reason! Niki, is horrible, I would pay not to see HER! The others are not much better and we are watching the death of a once great show…

  28. Its because American Idol is becoming unwatchable. Its boring not having a judge like Simon. Also Nikki is annoying as well. 3 judges, the nice, the fair, and the mean one was a perfect way to run the show. It kept it entertaining.

  29. When I heard Nicki M. was going to be a judge, I thought my watching days were over. I’m begrudgingly watching but my enthusiasm wanes each week. During the tryouts there seems to be more focus on various contestant’s “issues” and whining and less focus on singing. I also wish one of the judges were better singers themselves and respected for their singing ability, not their synthesized auto tuned theatrics and costuming. I also tired of the supposed problems with Nicki & Mariah, I don’t care if they have issues getting along off camera, it’s supposed to be a singing competition not a Jerry Springer wanna be show.

  30. Wise up, AI, Minaj was a BIG mistake. She’s killing your show. In fact, none of the judges are worth tuning in to watch. I hven’t watched a single episode this year for that exact reason. You have to actualyl LIKE a chaaracter to care whether there is drama.Get someone likable in there, if you can’t find someone the audience can stand looking at. Can’t wait for The Voice to begin.

  31. Nikki Minaj is a pleasant surprise as a judge for me. Her looks might turn people off, but I like her commentary. Surprising to here her say that Landslide is one of her favorite songs and that she felt a country singer was one of the best.

    I think people like meanness from the judges, which is why so many people loved Simon. He can’t sing, can’t teach singing, can’t critique singing, but he can be mean, and even seemed to relish it. (He has now been nuteured on X-Factor because he now has competition for “who has the best singers”.).

    But then again, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez weren’t mean either, so I don’t know why ratings would be lower than last year. Unless some viewers have shifted over to The Voice and they can only get into one singing competition show.

  32. People are beginning to wake up to the reality that this isn’t a talent show, but rather clever manipulation of people chasing a prize and exploiting anything that can become entertaining. So if you have no talent, no problem. A freak show will do.

  33. They lost me when bickering big ego judges over took the real reason for the show’s success–undiscovered talent. Get rid of egos and they might have a shot saving the show. Wouldn’t it be a twist if the viewers could vote off two judges?

  34. We stopped watching the show this year. Ler’t face it, Idol has jumped the shark. Viewers want the drama to come from the performance of the wanna-be’s, not from the judges. Jackson is the only one with enough creds to be in the judge postion and even he can’t carry the load for all of the other judges. Inferior, immature, selfish judges = inferior show. Let the show go, it had a good run.

  35. TV is all a stage. There is nothing “real” being televised. Turn it off. Go read a book. Take a walk. Love your kids. Start a garden. Go volunteer somewhere. Find a truly needy homeless person and give them a backpack with toiletries and hygene products. Get off your fat but and DO something productive for petes sake.

  36. My wife and I watched for about 5 minutes the other night and could not bear it any longer. I will not be back until they dump Nikki Minaj…and I hope they fire the idiot who thought she would be a good choice.

  37. The freak Nikki manaj is the reason 90% of thos I know have left the idol fan base. They have chosen to watch the much more believable show, the voice, where real artists are used as judges. Get real Idol and get rid of Manaj.

  38. We stopped watching as it has just become a freak show with political correctness gone amuck.

    People still prefer true talent and not some politically correct version of talent.

    The show will now die a slow death. Very Sad when I think back to the original show and image it projected.

  39. I have watched every season of Idol, except for this one. When I heard Manaj was going to be a judge, I deleted the show from my DVR. She is trailer trash. She dresses like a clown, attempts to sound intelligent by speaking various fake dialects and does all she can to make the show about herself. She does NOTHING but bring the show down.

    I also agree with Paul. It’s obvious this show stopped being a talent show long ago. It is ALL ABOUT making good television. After watching the last 11 seasons, I have to say I do not miss watching it AT ALL. GET RID OF MANAJ and you’ll see your ratings increase!

  40. Cancel it already. Who cares? Already decided not to watch it since no-talent carey insulted the people of guam when she appeared there. Bye bye idol. It was nice knowing you. But not this year. Gone by next.

  41. They put just anyone on the panel and expet us to go along. They forget that we have the hammer. LOVE Angela Miller’s segment…may be a show saver.

  42. What a farce….it is no longer a singing competition. Minaj is a shallow talent who has no business judging. She actually is a detriment to the show. Mariah needs to be more judgmental. Keith and Randy are ok.

    To improve the ratings
    1. Dump Minaj
    2. Wake up Mariah
    3. Judge on singing ability only.

    Want to dance there are other shows.
    Don’t want to offend, don’t judge.

  43. i totally agree with paul. i love the concept of the show, but it has become garbage. its painful to watch anymore. i do feel terrible for the actual talented, that either dont make the show, or get voted off just to keep some freak show of a human being around. its a sad and real testament of our society today.

  44. Yep, this year is the worst bunch of judges ever. The 2 females need to get replaced. If I ran the show, I would not wait until net year. Mariah is a total idiot. You can tell that she is not a learned person at all. Nicki is not much better and a freak. The original formula worked best. Other issue is that by the time the top 12 are picked, no one is really an amateur. You have a bunch of professionals who failed at their first attempt to be a professional. Idol is their second chance. Idol needs to have good judges and be an avenue for true amateurs to have a chance at stardom.

    Yes, used to watch idol routinely. As other have indicated, I have also stopped watching. I prefer X-factor and The Voice. Idol has lost their mojo.

  45. This is first year I am not watching. After viewing the auditions and how the judges let go perfectly great performers for some of the nut jobs made me cringe. this isn’t a talent show anymore. Good riddance!

  46. The night I started watching American Idol was when a young lady with the last name Bush was auditioning. Once Mariah Carey made her snarky little comment that maybe she should change her last name was enough for me to quit watching this show. It was a disgusting comment.

  47. Most successful shows find themselves in this trap of trying to outdo themselves, rather than to stay true to the organic elements that made the show a success. They must think their audience is more ADD than we actually are. I miss the AI of the “good ‘ol days.”

  48. This is the first year I haven’t watched. Niki Manaj may be the most irritating person on the planet. She’s been famous for like 5 minutes, and she’s gonna critique Mariah, who’s been around for decades?
    Last year was almost unwatchable. Never any crticism for anyone, no matter how bad they were. Did they hear something in the studio that was completely different than we heard on TV?

  49. American Idol is now so produced, I wouldn’t doubt even scripted – it’s phony. Not as bad as X-Factor (not many watching this show either because of it) yet, but maybe thisclose to neck and neck. Keep changing judges all you like both shows – but your audience knows it’s not about finding talent, but your judges camera face time and/or performances. Last year is was the Steven Tyler/J-Lo concert series. And why no one is watching.

    And no way I believe the results shows. IMO Congress should look into this game show type results. Love to know how they calculate those numbers behind closed doors?Is it to get the result the show wants or is scripted to get?

    Contestants that have zero talent get voted yes and then even moved on? WHy is that American Idol? Or are they just plants to create TV drama to make a good show? How’s that workin’ out for ya as the audience just keeps not tuning in.

    The Kardashian shows have more believability than American Idol or X-Factor. I predict neither will be back on air next year.

  50. Minaj is not only an embarrassment to her gender, her race and her profession… she appears to be a barely-functioning idiot. Carey is one step above that. The show scrapped itself… time to put it out of its misery.

  51. My wife and I continue to watch the show, but we’re not in that very popular demographic of 18 to whatever it is, so I guess we don’t really count. Nevertheless, we watch it because it represents something that is very American. Real or fake, in these early stages. It’s a true competition.

    When it gets to the last four or five weeks, if no one is juggling the books, the competition becomes as genuine as it can be. It reminds us that in the United States it has been true for over 200 years that a person can rise to the top and become something special by combining their talents with hard work and being persistent.

    You can see it every day in the real world by looking at people who have become wealthy or famous by doing the things that made this country a great one. The loss of audience for American Idol may be related more to the change in America’s people from those who believe in the Great American Way to those who believe in Everybody is Exactly Alike. I find that sad.

  52. it has become a freak show from the judges to spending more time with the freaks who cannot sing. Instead of giving us a show of up and coming talent they drag out the freaks .My whole family is done with american idol they ruined it .

  53. It’s been sliding since Simon left. But Minaj was the nail in the coffin. I would not watch 5 minutes with her as judge. Big mistake adding her to the mix.

  54. Nicki Minaj takes disgusting to a whole new level. She is a freak, like Lady Gaga and Brittany Spears. Somewhere along the line, we the watching/listening public allowed these horrible people to gain stature. I don’t know why, but that worries me even more than the freaks themselves. Good luck to you folks out there in cyberspace. With the lightening hitting St. Basilica’s Cathedral after the Pope quit, my life has change and I’m preparing for the end of the world this year. For those of you who can still think, start watching for signs. Someone name Peter will probably be Pope. The Prophet Malachi named all the Popes in the eleventh century. He hasn’t been wrong even once. Both he and Edgar Cayce have said this next Pope is the last one. So it is written, so let it be done. Ranger6 out.

  55. I like the show. Not particularly Mikki Minaj but the others. I just like to see the kind of talent that is out there in America and this year the girls are outstanding!! Just hope all the teeny-boppers don’t vote for a boy because he’s “cute.” Vote for the real talent and this year it’s female!!

  56. The show has become about the judges, not the talent, and Minaj detracts from the show. Sad, really, because AI has produced some really good talent. But all good things must end, right?

  57. I agree with Paul. “I could care less whether Idol feels the need to place a transvestite/transgendered male competing with the girls. But judge him on his singing ability not his flamboyance: Adam Lambert couild sing. The one they PASSED through could not. Nicki Minaj ruins the show! She hogs the air time. This week, last week for us. It’s a JOKE this year. Waiting for THE VOICE. It is constructive and talented.

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