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EXCLUSIVE Anne Hathaway’s recent wedding to Adam Shulman got a lot of write-ups in various tabloids. The wedding took place in the woods on sacred Indian ground near Big Sur on the very edge of California.Very few celebrities attended, just Topher Grace and Joseph-Gordon Levitt. It really was just family and friends.

But I don’t think anyone knows who played the rabbi for the couple: “Book of Mormon” Tony winner Josh Gad. The wedding also featured a minister, but he was real. Gad may not be ordained, but sources say he did a very good job conveying the Jewish part of the wedding to the couple. Gad appeared with Hathaway in “Love and Other Drugs.”

Gad left a clue on his Twitter page from September 30th with a picture of Big Sur. He wrote: “Um. Okay. I kind of love Big Sur.” The wedding was held the on previous day.

So far the only pictures from the wedding have come from a helicopter that was hired by tabloid news services. Unlike some other couples, Hathaway and Shulman, I am told, are selling their photos through WireImage.com. The proceeds will be split among four charities. Nice.

One picture that didn’t make it into the tabs: the entire wedding party giving the finger to the photogs in the ‘copter. You sure didn’t see that one anywhere. By the way, the couple arranged for a gigantic hot air balloon to block any potential helicopters. My source said that it worked well enough, which is why so few photos were snapped.

PS Tonight Anne and her Broadway friends put on two shows at Joe’s Pub to raise money for the Public Theater. I’m told there may be some tickets left for the second show. Check the Joe’s Pub website.

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  1. Ann should approach Scott Anderson (Art Director at Tuachahn) to play Mary Poppins in their upcoming season that starts in the Spring and goes through October in Ivins, Utah.

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