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UPDATE: “Skyfall” was released at 7:07pm Eastern and it’s already number 1 on iTunes this morning. It may be the fastest trip to number 1 on the downloading service ever. Numbers aren’t in yet for how many people plunked down $1.29 for Adele’s first new record in almost two years.

Earlier: We’re just a few hours away from Adele’s “Skyfall” premiere on her www.adele.tv. This column broke the original story of Adele and “Skyfall” last spring on Forbes.com. We reconfirmed it a couple of times, and published some of the lyrics. A few people wrote in saying they didn’t believe those were the lyrics. But you know, they are–and it’s a tribute to Adele and Paul Epworth that they made a song around the word “Skyfall.” My guess is that the download of “Skyfall” at 7:07pm Eastern tonight on iTunes and from Adele’s site will set a record and cause problems. It’s going to be huge. My Sony sources are being more conservative. But they’ll be thrilled. If only they had B side or an extra track to go with it. Unfortunately, they don’t.







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  1. I accidently clicked her name on youtube one day while looking for some songs by Beyonce. It was the concert in Royal Albert Hall. i felt goosebumps and since that time I just cant stop myself “listening to her music that is so personal”. she is a real talent. well in Bond Movie’s theme song she isn’t that impressive but still that song sound good to ears. some moves in the vocals really create chills over my body.

  2. All you people who have not heard of Adele. How about climbing out from that rock you’ve lived under the past 5 years and tune in to the world. Wow!

  3. Adele probably has the very best singing voice out now. She gets so much attention because she actually sounds like this in concert, her voice isnt just heavily produced in a studio. Look up Adele at royal albert hall if you are interested, my mom is obsessed with that shit.

  4. no and Bill,

    You should know who she is because she’s sold millions of albums. 24 years old, and has already set sales records and billboard records. Even won Record, Album, and Song of the Year Grammys in one night, making her only the sixth person/group to do it. Paul Simon and Eric Clapton were a couple of others to have done that.

  5. Jack White’s bond song was much better.

    Susan Boyle tries her best but I’m just not interested in her music. Can’t wait for the tour and then the subsequent tour cancellations due do throat issues.

  6. Adele’s has great talent, but after a while her voice begins to sound like nails on a chalkboard. All of her songs are the same theme of heartbreak and in the end her lyrics and sound are a broken record. I don’t know why people salivate over her, there are far better songs and more talented singers around.

  7. Really, there are still people that are on the interwebs but and NO idea who she is? Really?!?!? Are you living under a rock? Say what you will about Adel but she has been out there and topping charts for years now, to just say :meh, I have no idea who she is” leads me to believe you need to get out more.

  8. The first time I heard Adele, I was taken back to the MoTown sound of the 60’s and 70’s. Adele, Joss Stone and the late Amy Winehouse are re-inventing R and B, admittedly with a little Pop influence in Adele’s case and a really “back to the roots” flare for Joss Stone. I am loving it. Another British Invasion? I am looking forward to it. I am so sick of what is being passed off as R and B by American artists. The sooner the Hip Hop fake R and B of today dies off, the better I will like it.

  9. It’s Adele…It’s in the tradition of a Bond movie…It’s great…It’s what its supposed to be…not meant to break any new ground musically…It’s a movie soundtrack folks nothing more…Good for her!

  10. Really?!? Friggin’ phuqs sayin’ this is the most dl’d song ever? Come on now, sell some 45’s, you know? let’s see what it does. If not, shelve this trick ass shiat!!1!

  11. Awesome job by Adele for the next iteration of the Bond series; how far and long it has lived. Still love it. To the hyper-critics– it’s a movie!! She has an exceptional singing voice and a decent tune to utilize it on for this JB movie.

    In response to above comments, “who is she?” Really? Between using a PC, smartphone, watching TV, or even reading paper publications, how could she have been missed?

    Not a dig, I’m just surprised.

  12. I’m listening to it, while her vocals are wonderful, the song isn’t all that great….but in the tradition of James Bond movie themes, it’s better than some of the others. It’s a typical movie theme song.

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