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So Adele’s collaborator on “Let the Sky Fall” is indeed Paul Epworth, the man who co-wrote her big bit “Rolling in the Deep” and most of “21.” That’s good news. The “Skyfall” song will make its debut around October 4th or 5th from Sony Music and Adele via social media, I am told. For Adele’s first new release since “21” Sony will pull out all the stops, you know.

The goal will be to make “Let the Sky Fall” the biggest selling digital single ever.

Meanwhile, I have more lyrics to add to what I gave you on Tuesday.

“Skyfall/Is where we start/A thousand miles and poles apart/Where worlds collide/and days are denied/You can take my name/But you’ll never take my heart”

A couple of readers chimed in that they didn’t like the lyrics, which I thought was funny. When you sign on to a Bond song, you have write it around the title you’re given. It’s like a game. Think of “Goldfinger,” or “Golden Eye.” Or “Live and Let Die.” The lyrics are not necessarily going to make sense. But if you convey the mood of danger, and romance, you’ve got it. I do think “Skyfall,” which has a great hook and obviously Adele’s cool vocal, will be very very popular.

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