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Exclusive: I think I can confirm for you what I said some months ago–Adele is performing the theme song for “Skyfall,” the 23rd James Bond movie. As far as I know the song is called “Skyfall.” I think if anyone else had sung the theme song this year it wouldn’t have made sense. Adele’s sound is the quintessential James Bond sound. She joins Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Rita Coolidge, John Barry, Duran Duran and others on the long list of pop stars who’ve immortalized James Bond in song.

“Skyfall” will be Adele’s first new single since her album “21” sold 7 billion copies in 13 different galaxies. The movie opens in London the last week of October, right when Adele will give birth to a baby, as well. The good news is, this should be an actual song with a melody and a hook, unlike recent tortures. More to come on this breaking news…

(PS I broke this news originally around May 21st on Forbes.com. The story has since been purged because Forbes only paid for one time use. And they still owe me money! But you can find the original reference just by Googling around.) Here’s one link that credited my Forbes story: http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/76363/Adele-Working-On-James-Bond-Skyfall-Theme-Tune-

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  1. […] It’s official. Multiple award winning English songstress Adele aka the girl who wrote that song your wife/girlfriend sings every time she gets drunk, will be providing the theme song to James Bond’s next adventure, Skyfall. […]

  2. Who cares? Her song won’t help the weak box office once this depressing storyline takes hold. Look for another egg by Cr-egg here. Cavill awaits.

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