Home Media Murdoch Empire Suffers a New Scandal: WSJ Europe Publisher Resigns

The Rupert Murdoch empire suffered a new scandal today. The Guardian reports that Andrew Langhoff, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal Europe, has had to resign. The reason stems from a scheme–all committed to paper–to falsely boot circulation numbers. This is on top of the phone hacking scandal that claimed an entire newspaper, News of the World, and 17 people who’ve been arrested. News Corp stockholders were already calling for the ouster of James Murdoch. This new disaster won’t help his cause, that’s for sure. Read the Guardian story here. It’s sort of amazing. And you know, it’s not over for News Corp. It’s like a death by paper cuts. Literally.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/oct/12/wall-street-journal-andrew-langhoff

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