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Charlie Sheen indeed sold out Radio City Music Hall, according to the theater’s seating plan. But in reality, Radio City is not sold out at all. According to counts on StubHub.com, a licensed “scalper,” the service has 1244 seats for sale on Friday, April 8th and 1666 on Sunday, April 10th. That’s a third to a quarter of the house. Things are worse in Detroit, where 1400 seats seem to be in play. In Chicago, the number is 1100. In Boston the situation is more pronounced: around 1800 seats are listed with StubHub. And those are in the cities where there’s been higher demand. In Sunrise, Florida, for example, on April 23rd, there are tickets available in large quantities at all prices on ticketmaster.com. I was able to search ticketmaster for Premium Tickets at $575.00 without any trouble. Five days later, I could purchase six seats together for $100 apiece for the Denver show. And StubHub has tickets in those cities, as well. Sheen may have to count on last minute impulse walk-ins if he expects to sell out. It could be the public is starting to wonder what exactly a Charlie Sheen would be, and what it’s worth without clips from “Two and A Half Men.” Those violent torpedos may turn out to be boomerangs.

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  1. Nobody knows what he’s going to do. I may be ignorant, but has he ever cracked jokes or done anything else on a stage? Who is going to write material for him (his own tweets are illegible) and, if someone does, will he remember it?

  2. I’m glad to see someone providing accurate information. Why do all other reports keep stating that all these shows have “Sold Out” ??? I saw the same thing you did. There are thousands of tickets available on all these supposed “Sold Out” shows.
    Personally, I wish the best for Charlie Sheen. But in my estimation, that’s getting the necessary help he needs before he hits a point of no return. My God, the has lost all his teeth to drug use, He’s lost visitation with his kids, He lost the best paying job on TV, and he keeps saying that he’s “Winning” (as if saying it will make it come true).

  3. I think the only problem is that the tickets are SO expensive..if they were $35 he would easily sell out, as he is very funny, or at least has been lately

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