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Tickets for Charlie Sheen‘s “show” at Radio City Music Hall went on sale at 11am today on ticketmaster.com. At 11:01 there were no regular priced tickets to be had. Round and round went the little dots as ticketmaster tried to find seats. But they were already in the hands of scalpers. StubHub.com claimed to have over 600 seats in the first few minutes. Prices ranged from $450 in the orchestra– for a $130 ticket–to 160 bucks in the upper reaches of the mezzanines. But you can get tickets on ticketmaster–the premium packages are available. For $750 per person you can sit in the first ten rows, drink Champagne, meet Sheen backstage, get a picture and a signed poster. Maybe even a sip of Tiger’s Blood. Is there a sucker born every minute? Sheen sure hopes so. It wasn’t enough that he was paid over $70 million for eight seasons of “Two and a Half Men.” Now we have to contribute to his cash shortage: hookers, porn stars, parties, a Maybach, a $7 million new home, and two sets of alimony and child support. Someone’s gotta foot that bill!

UPDATE: Sheen sold out a second show, for April 10th. The only seats available are those $750.

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  1. I used to like Sheen in his Two and a Half Men role as well as his role’s in various other TV shows and movies. Now that he’s acting like a spoiled (rich) brat he is right up there with Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other spoiled (rich) brats. His only concern is Charlie Sheen and to hell with everyone else. I work hard for a living and I could only dream of having the riches people such as those mentioned have and take for granted. Their entire world is focused on themselves and it is downright disgusting!

  2. Can you idiots stop supporting this cancer. You kids are becoming drug addicts, liars, cheats, sluts, and assholes.

    Give us all a break with this hasbeen fraud who should be in PRISON for DRUG abuse, purchase, and use.

    WHERE is the damn law, oh yea, watching PORN.

    What the fuck has happened to my country with these “1 Million X Explatives”.

  3. Charlie Sheen as Spiderman on Broadway. He swings big time, after all, and it could only improve things for them. Fight fire with fire, fight a train wreck with another train wreck.

  4. And I would want to go see this has been because…………….. Nope, can’t figure a reason to do that at all! And for those who would pay that kind of money to see him, all I can say is that YOU got a problem also!

    Sooner or later people will figure out that money enables him to live that kind of life style and as long as you continue to support him with your money, then you’re the ones that are driving the nails in the coffin!

    He’s not going to get better until he hits rock bottom! Hopefully that will be sooner rather than too late!

  5. Sheen is correct: there are trolls everywhere. Who in their right mind would pay to see this dude rant and rave. Trolls would, that’s who!!

  6. Amazing how much people will spend to watch someone self destruct. Who knows, maybe he’ll go for emolation and use some Shell with quick starting Platformate? What a hoot that would be.

  7. What can I say? The fact is, Sheen is WINNING! He may be a bit crazy, a bit out of his mind, a bit insane, but it sure is entertaining to watch this train wreck known as Charlie Sheen. He has a way with words, bro. That you can’t deny.

  8. Watching someone else’s crazy seems to make stupid people feel better about themselves. Those who purchased tickets are idiots and voyeurs – keeping money in the pocket of this moron. I weep for the future.

  9. I really do think his show suffered the past few years do to the story lines. Also, John Cryer’s character was getting very annoying. I think Charlie is just plain bored. I hope his show is a success!

  10. The people who go to see the Charlie Sheen Show are the same groups that go to stock car races to see the car crashes. When Charlie crashes it will be big. I just hope someone who really cares about him, not his hanger ons, will be there to pick up his ass and take him to get treated. This guy is out of control and until he crashes there will be no stopping his self destrution. He is living out the part he played in two and a half men.

  11. This guy is a joke who ever pays a $750.00 for a ticket should be ashamed of his self. This guy is a quack-er doing those interviews looped up on coke. He screwed over 100 stage hands and his right hand man that is a star his self you do not see him all over the TV night shows

  12. Anyone that bought a ticket to see this whack-job is an idiot! Lets support more stupid behavior and glamorize his being such an dult. If Americans paid this much attention to their governing bodies, this country would not be in the condition it is today!

  13. Don’t you love capitalism!!! This is why it works! No one is forcing anyone to buy anything, it’s just pure American curiosity!!! Love it!!!

  14. I found he reminds me of the way Charles Manson talked in interviews. The way his mind jumps from topic to topic is interesting, but I can’t take more then a couple of minutes before my brain feels like it’s been put through a pasta maker. I don’t know how you could take listening to a schizophrenic riff for an hour or more.

  15. People paid for decades to see the freak shows at carnivals.
    Radio City Music hall has just turned into a carnival with its own freak.

  16. This is what is so sad about America. We have the horror in Japan, Islamic radicals threatening the world, pirates attacking Americans, the economy in the tank, raising gas prices, unemployment, yet this bozo is sold out. Who in their right mind would be paying to see this nut job? America is so messed up! We need God!

  17. Who gives a rat’s behind about Charlie Sheen. It is amazing how stupid people are to spend money to go see him. He already thinks he is entitled.

  18. You don’t have to contribute to *anything*. Nobody is forcing you to go to his show. Also, YOU are specifically contributing to ALL this bullshit. Your retarded site is even called “showbiz 411”. You’re the sycophantic morons who traffic in this vapid trash.

  19. Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle is no different from any other celebrity or tax-paid politician. The only difference is that he is honest and open about it. He doesn’t care what the media thinks of him, and unlike others, does not try to paint a pretty picture of himself. I do not care much for the hollywood-type celebrities and famous athletes, because they don’t care about us; I have my own life. However, Charlie Sheen seems more like a real person than a majority of the celebrities and media who criticize him. Live your own life and let him live his. I give him props and wish him luck.

  20. enough already.there is so much pain and suffering in the world use your money to do some good.
    30 children are sitting in a Japanese school in the quake zone on 3/17 waiting for parents who will never come to pick them up.
    people who are so self absorbed as sheen need to grow up.those who fund his imaturity by buying tickets instead of booing him need to grow up too
    .enough of hollywood…..

  21. I wish I had the funds to fly there and meet him. Despite everything he is a great actor. His comedy work in Two and a Half Men was excellent despite the fact he was supposedly “playing himself”. The recent videos, however, prove otherwise despite the alcohol and womanizing jokes on the show.No, he is not as funny without a script. It is a shame he will not be returning next season. He added to a winning (sorry) chemistry combination with Jon Cryer.
    I think a lot of his problem is that he has lived in the shadows of a famous father who he looks like more and more as he gets older despite his need to distance himself from his dad. Is it a coincidence that the title Charlie has in mind for his book is “Apocalypse Me”- as opposed to the movie title “Apocalypse Now” which his father was famous for? How much more obvious can he be making his “in the shadow of his father” issues than a book title like this?

  22. What the hell is he going to do? Talk? Sing? Fart? Are you KIDDING, America? We DESERVE Al Qaeda. No surprise they hate us like they do.

  23. Please, people — take your money and give it to the people of Japan, or the people of somewhere else that are suffering in this world. Really — can’t you people think of better things to do wtih your time and money?

  24. People are very very desperate for entertainment if they buy tickets to this clown. Empty Democrat mush-headed genXers lead the list of dopes who want to see this mess. Why not stay home and cook some pasta?

  25. So basically, for two nights, Radio City Music Hall will be packed with losers. Only a loser would pay money to listen to a loser like Sheen. Too bad the guy doesn’t have half the class his father has.

  26. What’s with the bitter remarks. He’s a performer, doing what performers do.
    Many performers are paid as well or paid more. So what’s with up with all the judgement and smug zings. Who ever wrote this should try going out and make the money he is.


  27. With Charlie Sheen being so popular, it’s another sign that the United States is descending rapidly into a Romanesque sleaze pit whereby this country will soon be relegated to third world status. Charlie Sheen possesses absolutely no socially redeeming qualities, as I suspect also is the case with his wannabe voyeurs living vicariously through his dirt bag lifestyle.

  28. Suckaz. I bet the first rows are reserved for psychologists and addiction counsellors watching the slow train wreck so they can say “well, I was there….”

  29. This is simply not true, neither show is sold out.

    The first show has single seats remaining, but there are clearly well over 600 seats available for the second show still on ticketmaster as of 11:36pm EST.

    How about vetting this stuff before you post it?

  30. Charlie sheen spoke out on 9-11 NYC WMDs. The news is out to destroy the guy after getting out of alcohol rehab for a failed relationships. I heard Letterman rip him apart twice on David Letterman top 10 list. Could you imagine having all them trying to destroy you? I do not watch his show, but even I feel sorry for him. I wish I could go to his show. Charlie was saved by oil and the earthquake news. They wont forget the news wants him bad. Be tough charlie. Rgds, from Philly

  31. For those of you who missed out getting a ticket to see Sheen I’d like to suggest that you donate that money to legalizing marijuana in Washington state. You can donate on Facebook at Sensible Washington or go to sensilblewashington.org and help legalize in 2011.

  32. What the hell is wrong with this country? Paying even 10 cents to see a morally corrupt, narcissistic doper, alcoholic loser getting ANY money to appear in public is pathetic.

    All of you Charlie Sheen fans are complete morons. He is what is WRONG with our popular culture.

  33. I haven’t seen this much excitement & buzz over a show since Michael Jackson’s “This Is It.”

    And I just hope this one has a different ending.

  34. That ought to be quite a show. A theater full of liberals listening to a blow hard telling them how smart he is. You can bet the media will be there front and center to tell us all what we missed.

  35. So what could this loser possibly do onstage for 2-3 hours straight to sell out an audience? I have no respect for Radio City now. I won’t go to see another show ever based on this one appearance of Charlie Sheen. A sicko drug addict, porno king, slut-whore-mimbo, lame excuse for a father, husband, and a wife beater. What more could you possible ask for in a one-man show Radio City? You have fallen below the belly of a worm.

  36. What I like about this guy is that he knows what he likes and has the cojones to say it. Something lacking in the modern American male. The reason people are caught up in his antics is that they wish they had the means and nerve to do what he does. Charlie in a way is righ. The great majority of American males today are LOOSERS !. He for all his illusions is actually winning.

  37. …YOU don’t have to pay for his “lavish life-style”,…no one’s forcing you to buy a ticket,Obviously SOMEONE wants to see him or the tickets wouldn’t sell,…sounds like your a little jealous,maybe Charlie’s not going to have the “train wreck” you hoped for.

  38. Hey roger a little jealous of the supreme warlock?
    You make it sounds like he is a welfare queen getting a handout from taxpayer money when in reality its a huge show of support for the man and lots of FANS wanting to see him…not many comments here…

  39. Build it, and they will come. Hope he brings along some porn stars on his “road show”. Maybe even a donkey. Charlie is this generations “Timothy Leary” complete with drug & booze bombed brain cells. Or better yet, maybe this generations P.T. Barnum.
    Only in America……………………………………..

  40. There are really no depths to which the American public won’t go. The man is ill. He needs help. And hundreds of people are going to gawk at him? That is really sick!

  41. So, idjits will pay to see an idjit make an idjit of himself. Is anyone surprised?

    I would much rather pay to see Carrie Fisher.

  42. ________BUILDING 7__________


    See “NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT” by the Citizen Investigation Team


  43. Well I for one love what sheen is doing, And if people want to spend money on him, then go ahead, if you want a socialist society listen to whoever wrote this trash. Atleast he isnt begging for money from the Government like this writer will be doing very soon, literally!. LOL Free market princaples, there are those who would take our freedoms away, and it always starts with there idea of what We should do, but I for one will fight to the death. I also would pay to see sheen, not becuase I agree with his lifestyle, but because his lifestyle is not my business, soI will live my life, and everyone else can live there. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND ARE FREEDOMS!!!

  44. I think if you are stupid enough to pay hard earned money…not Charlie Sheen money….for this bunch of crap, you never deserved the money in the first place.

  45. I pray that those scalper a-holes get stuck with the tickets and have to eat it! Sheen is a grown man who can make his own decisions. Wish everyone would let him be!

  46. Just goes to prove, there is a sucker born every minute!!!! Who would want to see this out-of-control fool? Please, I have better uses for my money…like paying the mortgage and buy groceries!!!!!

  47. everyone wants to be there to watch him collapse on stage so they can say they were there. sick
    I wouldn’t walk across the street to see him in his present condition.

  48. Way to go, Charlie! We love you! Keep up the good work!

    I mean, he has acted nuts at times, but have you all checked out his producer? OMG! Much more crazy than Charlie. And why was the producer egging him on to exit the show, and trying to publicly humiliate him in such bizarre ways? People were starting to think Charlie’s nuts and it was the PRODUCER who was within reason. On balance, it’s quite the other way around!

  49. What’s up with Charlie Sheen? Check out to ultra-factual “A Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now.

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