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Is it the end for Sally Field’s prime time soap, “Brothers & Sisters”? It sure looks like they’re wrapping up their stories. On Sunday night, Patricia Wettig‘s Holly said goodbye and moved to New York. Holly was the show’s antagonist. Without her, there’s no real story. Wettig made for a great villain. So the party may be over.

“Brothers & Sisters” –the story of rich white people who know how to drink expensive wine, cook well, and are extremely PC–could have been a great soap. When it began, it was all about the family’s produce business in Ojai, California. It was also about the patriarch’s secrets (he was so well played by Tom Skerritt) but killed off in the first episode.

Unfortunately, “B&S” has been a lot of b.s since then–countless writers and show runners, lots of internal fighting, the forcing out of creator Jon Robin Baitz. The show has squandered all of its potential faster than any I can think of in recent history. ABC is still waiting to decide whether to renew it. It’s probably time to say goodbye.

ABC is also vacillating on “Desperate Housewives.” It, too, has run its course, but may survive for lack of a replacement. “DH” was always a show that burned through its stories too quickly. It’s like “Knots Landing” with ADD. Plus, Felicity Huffman has been wasted on ridiculous storylines; her character is always pregnant. The show is still narrated by a character who inexplicably committed suicide in the first season–which was really when the show jumped the shark. No one’s taken it seriously since then.

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  1. Desperate Housewives is not realistic enough. Characters just disappear and are never mentioned again. For example, Andrew and his partner, why not a real meaningful story line for them and the other gay couples as well. Andrew’s sister and Julie, Susan’s daughter is never seen.
    Need more realistic everyday story lines. Life is not always exciting. Most times it is dull and boring and the shows need to show this.
    Some things that happen are ridiculous. Why did they ever bring up the story line of Grace and Juanita being switched? Gabie is too stupid and self centered. Carlos has no story line. Lynette is always pregnant. Susan is a dope. They need more realistic story lines and concentrate on all characters and their daily living experiences. Too much sex. Not enough reality and mystery. The first two seasons were really exciting, mysterious and made you want to tune in again next week.

    Brothers and sisters was much more interesting when the family was involved with the company business. Too much sex. All it is know is everybody is just jumping into bed with everyone else. Even Nora, who should not. She she be more of a central stabilizing character who just interferes and wants to be involved with her children. Never should have given up the Ojai story line. The show right now indicates they do not know what to do and in what direction to go. While the gay couple Scotty and Kevin have a major story line, it is not enough. Bring in friends of theirs and have some problem related plots involving them and their friends. Kitty’s character just goes from one man’s bed to another with no purpose. Make Luke have a serious story line. You had a start with his mother but the whole thing turned into a joke.

    I still love the shows and characters, but they have to be more realistic. The Renee and Tom slept together 25 years ago and her and Lynette being best friends when they never mentioned her is ridiculous. The first season was the best with all the mystery of Mary Alice, her son and husband and the kids grandfather. Mystery, reality and interesting and realistic story lines are needed. Not stupid made up no direction story lines.

  2. Couldn’t disagree more about Brothers & Sisters. Loved seasons 1 and 2, season 3 lost its way and was a struggle to watch. Season 4 brought me back and tugged at my heartstrings. And while season 5 has its ups and downs, it still is appointment tv for me. B&S is at its best when they stay focused on the core family. Sarah and Kevin (and their significant others) should be in every episode. (And a Sarah/Kevin/whomever phone tree should be obligatory as well.) Most importantly, nobody does family dinner dysfunction like the B&S writers and cast. They can have me laughing and crying at the same time. If they would concentrate on the characters they have under contract instead of jumping all over the place, it would be the best show on television. As it is, there’s a lot of life here so don’t kill it off yet!

  3. If Paul Lee thinks cancelling DH which is still at Top 10 Scripted Show and Top Scripted on ABC he is dumber than his predecessor lol esp. if he thinks Body of Proof which hasnt even seen a promo but is premiring in two months and Off The Map which is just a poor mans version of Greys Anatomy combined with Lost lol

  4. Roger – Did you ever hit the nail on the head about Brothers & Sisters! Talk about “white whine.” Then again, I thought Thirtysomething was nails on a blackboard in its day.

  5. I think it all depends on how “On The Map” does, creatively- I despise DH, and B&S is sinking- BUT they are “Stable”- and canceling them would be a bit risky with ABC’s most recent new drama track record. If Body of Proof and On the Map are new hits(Which I doubt)- there may be some concern- otherwise, canceling these shows would bring ABC to NBC lows(which they are already on their way)……

    Holly’s “Departure”(No news on the Patricia leaving, etc- makes me think that she is not “Gone for good”)- could be worrysome.

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