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There’s a big hub bub going on in Marvel land.

The reason? Edward Norton has been dumped from “The Avengers” rather than reprise his role from the 2008 film “The Incredible Hulk.” Comic fans are going crazy trying to piece all this together. Norton’s reps say first Marvel was negotiating with them, then all of a sudden issued a not so nice explanation for their decision to skip it.

Norton is a smart, talented guy. But he really had a bad time with Marvel on “Hulk.” He spent hours and days rewriting Zak Penn‘s script. At the 2007 Comic Con, Norton bragged about writing the screenplay. But it was Penn who got the credit.

In the end, Norton had such a falling out with Marvel that he skipped the movie’s premiere and went off to some island to lick his wounds. He exited the promotional campaign without a contract to do sequels, although both Liv Tyler and director Louis Letterier each had them. That was two years ago. Since then two “Iron Man” movies have come and gone, but the “Hulk” has been in a sulk. And the film didn’t do so well: it made $135 million in the US and $128 million abroad.

Norton was an odd choice anyway. He’s a serious actor, and should be making films with Oscar written all over them. The next guy to play the Hulk has to be someone a little less heavy, so to speak.

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  1. Ed Norton has been in the business for many years and still can’t learn to be a team player. That will never serve him well in the entertainment industry. Sure, he’s talented — and so are a lot of other actors who are easier and nicer to work with.

  2. Ed is a very, very talented actor. He sometimes takes himself too seriously and in doing so, burns bridges. He burned the bridge with Marvel when he got into it with them over “Hulk” by claiming the screenplay — only to have them omit his name.

    The problem he has here is that there are about a dozen other actors that Marvel can call up today, who will jump at the chance to play Dr. Bruce Banner onscreen opposite Downey and Johanssen in a film which is sure to be a blockbuster.

    Personally, if I had been in that situation, and had a studio disrespect me that way, I would have NEVER come back for a sequel.

    That, was another mistake. Ed should be a lot farther along in his career by now. He knows that. And that is why there is a frustration with him, which sometimes causes him to do and say things he shouldn’t.

    His talent is so great that his career should rival that of Sean Penn, who already has two Oscars and a huge body of great performances in acclaimed films.

    He needs to regroup, focus, and leave the pettiness and the bridge-burning alone.

  3. Finally, someone has stood up to an actor who thinks he’s also a writer and director. An actor is hired to act. If he’s smart, he can contribute ideas of his own, as long as his head doesn’t get too big. Edward Norton is another in a long line of self-import, egotistical and selfish actors who thinks of himself as Sir Laurence Olivier. Earth to Edward: There are many, many actors out there who can do just as good (if not better) job than you. Sadly, many of these egomaniacal actors will not learn their lesson. In time, more and more people will merely say: “Edward who?”

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