Home Celebrity Michael Jackson’s Son, Prince, Graduates High School “With Honors,” Says LaToya

Almost six years after Michael Jackson’s death, his son, Prince, has graduated high school. Prince Michael celebrated his graduation from the Buckley School with friends and family including aunt LaToya and cousin TJ, his legal guardian. No sign of biological mother, Debbie Rowe. But Michael would have been beaming, I think. After all the craziness, he raised three nice kids who’ve survived his death and seem to be in good shape. What a nice story, for a change. Prince starts Loyola Marymount in the fall. Congrats!

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  1. I guess Michael Jackson wasn’t so “Wacko” was he? He was an excellent father. How many celebrities can say the same about their children- that they have graduated with honors, and are going to college? Not many. Michael should have been here to see this. he would be so proud and he would be crying, “happy tears”.

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