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Mel Gibson has a defender in Allison Hope Weiner, writing for Deadline.com. Weiner says it’s time to forgive and forget Gibson’s anti-Semitic, alcoholic, homophobic history.

Weiner conveniently leaves out the issue that first brought the real Gibson to our attention.This was before “The Passion of the Christ,” or his DUI arrest or his interview with Diane Sawyer. This is separate from the fact that Gibson has never publicly apologized for anything.

Mel Gibson has a private charitable foundation called the A P Reilly Foundation, with $70 million in tax free assets. The purpose of A P Reilly was to build and maintain a private church Mel Gibson owns in Agoura Hills, California called Holy Family. The church– part of a massive real estate compound– is not recognized by any arch diocese. Just as well, because Holy Family doesn’t believe in the Pope– any pope. Its main theological thrust refutes the Second Vatican Council of 1965, which denounced anti-Semitism. I doubt Allison Hope Weiner has been invited up to Gibson’s private church and met with his parishioners.

In 2003, Christopher Noxon, writing in the New York Times Magazine, revealed all of this in an article called “Is The Pope Catholic…Enough?” http://tinyurl.com/paxlpgr

Noxon revealed some of the history of Gibson and his father, Hutton Gibson, a writer for neo-Nazi publications and a devout Holocaust denier. Noxon also referenced an interview Mel Gibson had done with Bill O’Reilly about whether Jews would be upset about “The Passion of the Christ.”

”It may,” Gibson told O’Reilly.  ”It’s not meant to. I think it’s meant to just tell the truth. I want to be as truthful as possible. But when you look at the reasons why Christ came, why he was crucified — he died for all mankind and he suffered for all mankind. So that, really, anyone who transgresses has to look at their own part or look at their own culpability.”

Mel Gibson has never looked at his own culpability in everything that has come since then. His friend, Allison Hope Weiner, is not going to be able to grant him absolution.

By the way, everything about Holy Family and A P Reilly has been scrubbed clean from Gibson’s Wikipedia page. I’m surprised the ever vigilant editors and contributors have allowed that.

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  1. C’mon Roger. Nice hit piece. I’m not talking about Mel here, I’m talking about your false implication regarding Traditional Catholicism: “Its main theological thrust refutes the Second Vatican Council of 1965, which denounced anti-Semitism.”
    If you mean to suggest that Traditional Catholics reject Vatican II because that council denounced anti-Semitism, than I strongly urge you to crack open a history book or two. Your remark begs the question, “Do you have any ties to MSNBC?”
    Whatever biases Mel or his father may hold, they are not part of any Traditional Catholic doctrine or practice.

  2. This is such a poorly written and argued article, its obvious that Roger comes from Fox News, the network famous for making up its own facts and presenting the most lopsided stories around. Even if the story of this church were true, how does that effect the argument about letting Mel Gibson work? I do not believe in Scientology but we let Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and hundreds of other Scientology actors work in Hollywood. This story is so-blatantly written as an attack that its obvious to me and everyone above that Roger Friedmen wrote it solely to attack Mel. Roger, I realize you worked for Fox news and probably have no morals, but you should be shamed of this piece of junk. You should be better than this. Next time at least stick to the basic rules of an article taught in all high school journalism classes.

  3. You need a better understanding of the autocephalous catholic jurisdictions. Just because we were are clergy of these independent sacramental churches aren’t in union with the Roman church doesn’t necessarily invalidate a serious calling to serve the people of God, in whatever manner we are called to serve. Mel’s church is a Tridentine, Latin Mass, pre-Vatican II church. Some of the independent churches serve LGBT communities. Some have no church/diocese structure at all, but work in healthcare – as I do – and other specialized ministries. That doesn’t mean were “fake” churches. My personal ministry takes in very little in contributions. What does come in from weddings, baptisms and funerals, goes to people in the community who cannot afford funeral expenses. Get some real information on the Independent Sacramental Movement – check out Amazon for Bp. John Plummer’s books, for instance. Get educated instead of working so hard to discredit us.
    Bishop Nina Paul, STB, M.Min.
    Presiding Bishop of The Open Catholic Church

  4. Roger Friedman what’s your problem? Does the sick, twisted, sexually confused Hollywood culture of “enlightened” frauds got you that bored. Mel Gibson is a human being with flaws like all of us, however, scum like you are not worthy to breathe the same air as he does. What a puke!

  5. The hatred in this country for people like Palin and Mel Gibson, one visiting this planet would think they had personally murdered millions or raped children. The hate on the web is really disturbing, when you realized none of these people actually know them.

  6. Anti-Catholic Roger Friedman crosses the line by basically saying the Catholic Church pre-Vatican II endorsed anti-Semitism. Tell that to the countless Catholics that were murdered during the Holocaust, and to Pope Pius XII and all the other Catholics who hid and saved Jews during that time. Roger, you are pathetic and your hatred for Mel Gibson has become a sickness. Get help.

  7. Why are you obsessed with Mel? He has a right to believe whatever he wants to in this country, pope or no pope. Who are you to attack his religion? It’s not a “real estate compound”, it’s a church. Funny how you assume so much about people you don’t even know out of pure hatred.

  8. I think that Mr. Friedman hits below the belt.

    What difference does it make if Mel Gibson thinks the Pope is Catholic or not? Are we not living in a country where men are given the right to believe in God or no god, or frog god anyway they wish? Why is this private matter even brought up and that in a disparaging manner? Who is paying these people to “get” Gibson, anyway?

    II don’t know that much of what he says is true regarding Hutton Gibson and actually, I am not sure that truth matters here. What I mean by that is that people are going to believe what they want to believe. Mr. Friedman seems to have a real ax to grind and he is using his access to a public forum to do just that.

  9. who cares? what, Gibson can’t worship how he pleases? just because he doesn’t recognize the Second Vatican council, he’s suddenly an anti-Semite? the guy has worked with Jews for years and obviously appreciates them and their contributions to the world, as well as religion. Sounds like the writer of this article is just another Gibson-hater with grudge. Hollywood suffers without Gibson’s contributions.

  10. Don’t know much about Gibson’s private church, but any true Christian would not believe in nor be a follower of the Pope. The Catholic religion is a large cult, who practice bowing down to statues and praying to saints or virgins. A bunch of nonsense if you ask me.

  11. There is about 40 million of us true Christians that are “anti -pope” anti blacklisting people but pro brother and sister in Christ. Mel was never “blacklisted” he owns Hollywood.

  12. Leave Mel alone. I suspect that a large number of his detractors feel more sympathy for radical Muslims than with a traditionalist Christian. Mel is human and has no more failings that the many of the hypocrites that attack. him. I hope for him to produce a film with an accurate account of the life of Mohammed..without glossing over his marriage to a 6 y/o girl.

  13. I have never thought poorly of Mel Gibson. I do think very poorly of main stream media. I would support the article written by Allison Hope Weiner who actually took the time to know Mel Gibson.

  14. I’m quite certain Mel believes he only needs to account to God. So, your need for him to apologize to or look for absolution from man shows just how disconnected you really are.

  15. Friedman. Figures. What a bunch crap that you write. Still unforgiving, huh? Shame on you Friedman for continuing to fan the fires of hate in this world. It’s people like you who make this world a worse place. Allison Weiner shows true forgiveness for a man, Gibson, possessed by demons, who is trying to make his way back up to honesty. I have Jewish family links. I don’t hate you for writing this article, I feel sorry for you in that you can’t practice the love and forgiveness we need so much in this world. Casting stones gets you nowhere.

  16. “But when you look at the reasons why Christ came, why he was crucified — he died for all mankind and he suffered for all mankind. So that, really, anyone who transgresses has to look at their own part or look at their own culpability.”

    This is standard Christian dogma. All men are sinners and Christ became Man and died to redeem us of our sins and to reconcile us with God. That you find this view remarkable says more about your understanding of Christianity than Gibson’s.

    Mel Gibson has never looked at his own culpability in everything that has come since then.

    And you know this how, exactly? Are you the keeper of his soul?

    His friend, Allison Hope Weiner, is not going to be able to grant him absolution.

    Where might he get that? From you?

  17. JUDGE NOT ROGER LEST YE BE JUDGED! YES it IS time to forgive Mel as it was never your time or authority to judge and condemn him in the first place. It is clear that his EX IS the gold digging heartless woman involved in all of this and it is also clear that MEL IS and Addict/Alcoholic. While in his addiction, that is clearly not the man Mel Gibson is. As anyone in the dark depths of addiction can attest, a person is absolutely not themselves and is battling real demons. Not only should you forgive him, but you need to stop pointing fingers in an attempt to make yourselves feel better about yourselves. This is the nature and reason why we as human beings can and should never judge each other. One day, You will learn this ABSOLUTE UNIVERSAL TRUTH is a FACT- and from that day forward you will never judge another person the way so many have done to Mel Gibson and many others in their lives. Good luck, and may God show you the true path!

  18. Oh Brother, are you kidding me? This is a lame article. I’m sorry but you can only demonize him so long. So let me ask you, “What is the road back for him?” Yeah, you really don’t have an option for him because it is obvious, you hate the guy. There really is no way back with people like you. You want people like him to grovel and hold his head under and not let him up, and then you want to boot him hard – hard to the gutter. I’m sorry, but it is clear to me you hate him. Really. Cheers to you Mr. Roger Friedman. You suck. Hopefully, you’ll allow this post even though it is not fatteringbto you

  19. Your reasoning that because something is anti-Vatican II it is it is anti-Jewish is silly. No Catholics make that association. To traditional Catholics Vatican II has more to do with the Church trying to compromise with the world’s values, to its own detriment. See “toleration of seminarians with homosexual tendencies” and cross-reference “child abuse scandal.”

  20. 1. Ms. Weiner’s article does not state Gibson was/is anti-semitic and thus does not ask forgiveness for this. Rather, she writes that he made several comments that made him “seem* anti-semitic. And then goes on to suggest that he is not and never was. Nothing to forgive there. Similar remarks for other previously applied labels, although alcoholism is referenced as a fact and contributing factor to his failures. You might re-read the article more closely.

    2. You write “Gibson has never publicly apologized for anything.” But I have seen documentation of several Gibson apologies. “I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words,” is one. Did you have access to watch/read the same things I did on the internet?

    3. You seen disappointed that Weiner does not reference Mel Gibson’s church or religion. But why should she? Who cares that he wants to be a traditionalist Catholic? I don’t care about that any more than I care about your religion (which is what?) I’m atheist and could care less what religion anyone is. Why should you? Do you likewise berate those who give millions to fairly new religions like Scientology? Irrelevant.

    Sounds to me like your biggest issue is that he has religious beliefs you dont agree with, and can afford to setup a church that satisfies his beliefs. That’s not a journalistic report. That’s just another type of religious bigotry. IMO.

  21. Wow. Are you misinformed or just hatefully ‘forgetful’?

    Mel HAS publicly apologized TWICE.

    As for the rest of your article: after reading the first few lying paragraphs (or should I be nice and say misinformed? No, you obviously chose to lie), no reason to waste any time finishing your spew.

    Mel’s apologies and reasons not good enough for you? That’s because you insist on being ignorant and hateful–rather obvious. Good luck with those two traits.

    And yes, I know before even hitting send that this will be ‘moderated’–meaning anything supporting Mel will not be published. That’s ok. The general public is not my intended target: YOU are.

  22. You are full of it Roger!! Still making up lies about Mel Gibson?? I knew it would only take you less than half a day to put up some kind of rebuttal to Ms. Weiner’s story on Mel Gibson. You cannot stand it. Mel Gibson made SEVERAL public apologies!! Why do you lie???
    And so what if Mel Gibson has a Church?? So what? Why don’t you answer that question? Is that against the law? What in the world is wrong with that? Oh my gosh, a person owns a Church?
    And you lie below when you say you never make addresses public, you have done that in the past, on the subject of Mel Gibson. I think that is much worse than anything Gibson has ever done. Why are you SO obsessed with him? What did he do to you?

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