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The screaming girls in stadiums are one thing. But teen popster Justin Bieber has no actual hits. In the last five weeks he’s released 5 new singles, each on a Monday. Only one of them is on the iTunes top 50. Not one of them is being played on the country’s number 1 pop station, Z100. It’s as if they don’t exist.

Indeed, what’s happening to Bieber looks a lot like the fate of the Jonas Brothers and other teen pop idols. The appeal is all in person. But the songs are non existent and so are the hits. Everyone knows Bieber’s antics abroad, brothels, smoking pot, racing cars in his suburban neighborhood.

But can you hum any of his songs? Probably not.

The recent singles are called “Bad Day,” “All Bad,” “Heartbreaker,” “Hold Tight,” and “Recovery.” On each of the last five Mondays, the newest one has appeared briefly on the iTunes chart, then vanished. Only “All Bad” is still hanging around this week, at number 17.

It’s not like they’ve gotten any airplay on radio. On Z100, Bieber isn’t even listed on a roster of artists and songs for listeners to request. By contrast, Lady Gaga has six offerings and Justin Timberlake has three. http://www.z100.com/pages/info/request.html

Bieber, it seems, is now just a function of tabloid headlines. He’s never had a breakout hit a la his female counterpart, Carly Rae Jepsen, also managed by Scooter Braun. She will forever be associated with the endlessly catchy “Call Me Maybe.”

It’s sort of amazing that none of those five Bieber songs has stuck at all. But they are pedestrian pop at best, written like the most vapid greeting card. In a short time Bieber’s rapidly become the Thomas Kinkeade of pop singing.

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  1. His new music isn’t pop it’s R’nB which has a much smaller audience than pop. He’s retiring so I don’t think he really cares what the sales are on these songs. No, the no.1 pop radio station Z100 should not play his R’nB music (who would let their kids listen to PYD – Put You Down and sexually charged songs about lip locking featuring R.Kelly?). I have seen his music video for All that matters quite a few times on MTV over the past 2 months and I don’t really watch TV too much. He seems to be exploring a new sound and testing out how well (or badly) it will be received, easing into a more ‘grown’ sound and not leaping in like Ms. Cyrus. Hence releasing only 5 singles and not a full album. They know they’re stats and I’m sure had foreseen the decline in ‘sales’ (New album ‘Sales Collapsing’ – really?). I’m honestly not a Justin Bieber fan, I think his behaviour is disgusting. But please honour the art of writing by leaving your feelings about the subject out of your articles.

  2. What do I think?

    I think that what goes around, comes around . . . you reap what you sow . . . karma is a b–ch . . . you get what you give . . . your sins will find you out . . . God humbles the haughty . . . yin and yang . . . Number 16 of the Major Arcana – The Tower . . .

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer skank.

  3. None of his new songs are pop or “pedestrian” pop or whatever you define them . Its pure R&B. But that’s beside the point, iTune and record sells are not main revenue source for him and I all other big stars nowadays. Tour , endorsement deals and merchandise (from posters to toothbrushes) bring the real money. He did hit #1 on iTunes with every one of his new song, but its mostly a PR pissing contest and meaningless moneywise. You don’t see a big picture.

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