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Lance Armstrong has decided to come clean, so to speak. Since the big dope’s life is essentially ruined, he’s apparently going to admit it all and ask for forgiveness. And who better to give it to him that Oprah? She’s got him on January 17 from 9 to 10:30pm on the hard to find OWN channel. Good for her. It used to be that celebrities went to Larry King or Barbara Walters when they needed to eat crow publicly and return to the world.

But for this generation it’s Oprah. Lance will cry, his eyes will  well up when he talks about his kids, he’ll show Oprah his scars from various surgeries, and recommend a healing expert in Nepal which she’ll put on her next Best Things list.

Will she grant him absolution? I hope not. But Armstrong has nothing to lose–he’s lost everything. He deceived the world for years, and kept lying about it. He had plenty of chances to explain himself. I don’t care if he came from a broken home, was beaten with a bat, or made to wash the dishes. Maybe this will be the last time we’ll have to hear from him.

We will wait for the usual clips, leaks, and advance bites.

PS Apparently the Showtime show, “60 Minutes Sports” is also headlining a tremendous piece by Scott Pelley. Check it out at CBSNews.com





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  1. Oh everyone shut the F up, for pity sake. Athletes dope. That is what happens in a dumbed-down culture full athlete worshiping idiots with blank minds and nonsensical priorities.

    All this stupid BS over a freaking bicycle race. A bicycle race!!!!!

    Your economy is hitting the skids, the Constitution is in shreds, your sons are dying overseas and we still have people outraged over an athlete that took drugs, like it does happen in every sport every day.

    Get a freaking life for F*ck’s sake. Morons.

  2. Oprah’s show is in the toilet and needs a big name to pull in some ratings… This GIG on the show is more for Oprah’s ratings that it is for Lance’s public apology. Oprah would get higher ratings if on live TV she denounced Lance and didn’t accept his apology and then had him booted from the show…

  3. This is corporate PR spin, through and through. But money is on the line for Lance, his charity, and commercial interests who smell a buck. After a stinky buck still spends. The turn-key process used to be to confess to Father Larry and Mother O. This might be high theater if Her O’ness was still relevant, she hardly is, and Father Larry, while rumored to not be dead, is for from Live.

    “Yes, I was a fraud. I helped take doping to a whole new level of deceit. My whole story was a fraud. I not only lied, I enlisted many other people to lie for me. And I tried to destroy the lives and reputations of anyone who I feared might expose my lies by, in turn, lying about them. But I had self-esteem issues, which makes it okay. And I’m in a better place, now, because even though I have less money, I’m still rich. So I’m cleansing myself of the negativity so I can make a lot money again, selling books and making speeches, maybe even a movie about how low I sunk and how I’ve overcome because I’m Lance frigging Armstrong. Please forgive me so others can worship me again, without feeling conflicted. If not for me, do it for the children with cancer.”

  4. @ Kramer, Lance is actually a Republican. Although he didn’t come out for Romney ( for obvious reasons), he was a vocal supporter of Pres. Bush. The president had him over to his ranch many times.

    Lance isn’t nearly as awful, as all of you are making him out to be. He lied and cheated, we all have. He just did it on a large stage for a long time, God dosen’t care about the size of the stage or the time (WMD), we are mere mortals.

  5. Look at all the perfect people post on here! Speed to work, tell a lie, gossip behinf people, etc???

    I’m not perfect….the only problem between him and the rest of us is that we aren’t in the public light.

    I bet many of you who criticize this guy forgave Bill Clinton for receiving oral sex in the White House….after all, “he’s just a man”……right???

  6. Lance should just shut up and fade away. If he confesses to drug use and blood doping he will open himself up to perjury. He sued a company that accused him of doping and drug use and won over 7.5 million dollars. Under oath Lance testified that all the charges were false. Now if he confesses to the truth on Oprah he will find himself in hot water with the law.

  7. I don’t get it, is Oprah going to relate to Lance about how she was smoking crack and getting sexually abused by members of her own family, or is this another grasp at ratings like everything else she’s done. Hey Oprah why don’t you mention your little School you and your abusers set up at Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, at Henley-on-Klip outside Johannesburg where matron Tiny Virginia Makopo, 27, was charged with 13 separate counts of abuse.

  8. Armstrong doped, but the irony is most of the other hypocritcal cyclists did, too. Doping has been WIDE spread in this sport for years. Armstrong did not invent doping and while I do not codone what he did, at all, there are very good arguments that doping merely levels the playing field in a sport where it’s rampant. It’s getting better but Armstrong is not the last to get caught.

    And cheating did NOT make him a champion–that’s the irony in all this. If it were that easy, then a lot of others would be champions, too. The best guy won all those years, like him or not. He was the best.

    Armstrong’s downfall was his domination–if he had NOT won 7 (in a row!!) it’s likely no one would have turned him in.

  9. What?! You mean Lance isn’t going to the White House to confess to the almighty Obama?!

    This will really tick-off Moochelle & BO . . . after all, they’re already bad-mouthing Ophie for being so ‘overburdened’, now a big name like Armstrong, genuflecting before her & not the Obamas.

    Will wonders never cease?!

    (Lance & Ophie will have a good cry together . . . will be so very touching!).

  10. There is literally not one single athlete in that sport who doesn’t dope, it’s not a surprise to anyone. Sure he lied about it, what is his responsibility to you? Did he personally offend you by lying about his drug use? Are you really that big headed? He’s still a fantastic athlete who’s overcome a lot even if he lied about doping. He’s got my respect.

  11. This guy is the BIGGEST POS FRAUD ever in sports !!!!
    And he deserves the book thrown at him.
    And no Lance, there is no forgiveness here !!!!!!

  12. I think people would have more respect for him if he had :told the truth in the beginning. The fact he is going on “Oprah” to tell what should have been told in the beginning, is disgusting. Will not be watching. Sick of her also..

  13. Do you seriously care? If so then you are a troubled person. It’s just a guy who bikes. Why do some people get so caught up in athletes? Nothing in it for you.

  14. Yes, he doped…but so did all of us that raced in that era (92′ to 07′). If you don’t understand the culture of the sport then its time to read the Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton. Its wasn’t just riders…but team owners, team directors, team doctors and MANY in the UCI that allowed for this culture to develop. Lance and a lot of others riders deserve a chance to come clean. But judging by comments posted here…everyone wants to cast the first stone.

  15. So here’s my challenge to Lance. Do it. Apologize to whomever you believe is the right person or deity. Make amends. Create a new meaning for “Live Strong” that of being a humble human, truly contrite and willing to do the right thing. Serve others in a meaningful way; work for change and justice. Reach out to all those still struggling with cancer and share their burden. In short become the person marketing said you were and then some….not the person you proved to be

  16. Ccmckenna nailed it!! Sorry Tom, Greg lemond won on EPO as it was given to him to save his kidneys after an accident..

    He cheated, who gives a shit.. So did everyone else, he never held a gun to his team mates head and make them drug,
    He lied, who wouldn’t.. He deserves the same sentence as everyone..

  17. Lance,
    Oprah isn’t a god, if you truly want to ask for forgiveness then make your confess your sins to God Almighty, and repent. After that it doesn’t matter what anyone hear, sees or thinks just live you life with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in mind..

  18. How sickening. “Absolution” from fat Oprah?? He has got to be kidding. Oprah’s washed up and should be put out to pasture. Get over it, Lance. You did the crime, now pay the time, fool!

  19. I’m a fan of Armstrong’s accomplishments, don’t like that he doped, but accept that everyone was doing it. This, however, is naked politiking. I will lose all appreciation for him, if he uses Oprah for his “confession”. Pathetic.

  20. Nope. Lance is a liberal. All is forgiven, because in reality, he do anything wrong. You see in the liberal world as long as you don’t embarrass the next liberal, the sky is the limit. Lance just needs to clear things up, a bit. You’ll see him in the Tour this year on a motorcycle just because he said sorry.

  21. Great achievement. Your cancer thing is a sales tool. You were the best cyclist period. It’s obviously everyone is on dope. You were still the king. Explain that to them all. And, explain if Sheryl crow was decent in the sack. Of she is a screamer, release the audio please. Could be a hit record or at least a great mash up.
    Thank you.

  22. Armstrong deceived ONLY those who wished to be deceived.

    The doping allegations have been on the surface for years though the sycophantic press and the worldwide useful idiots ate up his feel good/ comeback from death story so they CHOSE to ignore reality.

    PLease don’t give Armstrong so much undue credit. There are a few of us who praise critical thinking and rational thought. Something we homo sapiens should consider a gift rather than ignore altogether the aforementioned lemmings had chosen.

  23. Well I’m glad I finally found a person who has never lied, never done anything for which they were ashamed, or had to ask forgiveness. What a waste of time it was reading this piece of trash. Go home and look in the mirror.

  24. Oprah is not the one to Forgive. She is just a TV celebrity. Try seeking forgiveness of others harmed, and foremost of God, who’s forgiveness does matter.

  25. Lance has overcome monumental obstacles…plus as far as we are able to ascertain, no one has ever been able to bounce back from testicular cancer to prevail with seven record-breaking wins… let alone even one, if the bald-faced truth be known….

    And as we now know most of the TDF riders in contention within the peloton were utilizing performance-enhancing drugs &/or high O2 transfusions too.

    Have you been weighed, measured and been found wanting?

    He most assuredly has not… let’s give him that….

    N’est ce-pas?

  26. He didn’t “decieve the world for years”. Many of “us”, the public at-large knew he was a cheat, the doper in chief and ringleader. The tell-tale was when Landis got caught, everyone knew where he learned it.Lance was just the best cheater in a sport ful of cheats.

  27. Cheat. Stop cheating, and win all of the races AGAIN without drugs, THEN you have absolution, Only, God grants absolution, cheating, lying, bullying, stabbing your teammates in the back! how many hail marys do you think you need to say? GET a new religion.

  28. Lance Armstrong Will Ask Oprah for Absolution, Forgiveness in Interview WILL ASK OPRAH!?

    Who’s crazier … him or her? Since when is Oprah a diety? Why does GoofyLance need HER forgivenetss and absolution no less. Is Oprah ordained? Far better he talk very PRIVATELY with someone who is ordained. Far better he not present his dog and pony show on nationwide TV. Far better he keep his mouth shut.

  29. I don’t understand why so many people are so outraged over Lance’s use of EPO. Yes, it is against the rules of the cycling racing organization, but it really is true that just about everyone is using it. The fact that there will be NO winner for the seven years Lance won speaks to that. Also, Lance NEVER testing positive (or according to Tyler Hamilton he tested positive once) speaks to the complete inability of the racing organization to test for EPO in a meaningful way.

    I can hear the replies now “just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right.” Well, it’s time to recognize we live in the real world and not some fairyland. Whenever we try to make it fairyland we inevitably get an unpleasant surprise.

    Adults should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies. If I have an opportunity to understand the consequences of my actions I get to jump out of an airplane — why not to take EPO?

    EPO does NOT magically make someone a faster bike rider. As Tyler Hamilton in his recent expose of Armstrong points out, all it does is let you train harder. You still have to put in the work. And no one is questioning that Lance was the hardest working guy on the Tour. In a level playing field he would undoubtedly won the same seven Tours he won anyway. But the playing field would NOT have been level and there is no conceivable way to make it level. This whether we are talking about bike racing, tennis, swimming, baseball, soccer, etc.

  30. Lance is a real piece of work. Guy spends more than a decade cheating to win. Then via lies, lawyers and intimidation, he defends himself denying any doping. Now when its over, he decides to come clean after he has no prospects for a future career. What a joke of a man. This guy is a complete disgrace to sports and America.

  31. Sorry, Oprah…I spelled your name wrong above (like it really matters)…but just wanted to acknowledge my mistake…will you forgive me?

  32. Oh, really? That absolution from Ophra will mitigate everything? You lies? Me thinks not! Life is not that easy…you have to pay the price for your actions in “real” life!!! Get a grip, Lance! You have been outed!

  33. “…has nothing to lose–he’s lost everything”.

    Except those tens of millions of dollars in various assets that he accrued under false pretenses.

  34. Did you ever tell a lie? Did u ever hang on until the bitter end against all odds hoping no one would discover you.I guess not.

    Where is your alter?


  35. I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass what Armstrong has to say. He has no credibility and look at the damage that he did to fellow cyclists, sponsors, the public in general. Yea, he did the Livestrong Foundation, which was good, but the lying, cheating and distrust is unforgiveable.

  36. The worst part is he gave so many people hope and pride. At the end of the day he horribly disillusuioned everyon that belived in him and his acccomplishments. Just another fraud, how sad, again….

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