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The erasing of Lance Armstrong is now complete. First it was the seven Tour de France victories. Then it was his involvement in cycling. Now it’s his foundation, LiveStrong, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Armstrong, disgraced, is now officially out of LiveStrong according to an announcement today. He’s already been removed from the LiveStrong website. There’s no vestige of him at all except for an entry under “Our Founder.”  That’s the only place you’ll see a picture of Armstrong. Under “Who Are Are” his name has disappeared from the board of directors and the Leadership Team.  There also used to be a yellow banner on the site announcing LiveStrong’s connection to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. There’s no reference at all to Armstrong on LiveStrong.com. All of it is gone, gone, gone. Armstrong was actually kicked out of the foundation a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s official.

PS If I contributed to that foundation, I’d like a lot of questions answered. See below.

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