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Michael Jackson’s triumphant defense lawyer Thomas Mesereau is featured on NBC’s “Dateline” tonight. Maybe he’ll share some of his magic with the audience. Mesereau recently pulled off one of his better coups, managing to keep Joe Pesci’s ex wife from going to jail for the rest of her life. Claudia Haro was accused of trying to kill her ex husband (the one she had after Pesci), a stuntman named Garrett Warren. Someone shot Warren in the face after conspiring to kill him. Prosecutors decided it was Haro, who was in a highly contentious divorce and custody battle with Warren.

The government said that Haro had paid her brother to kill her ex. In the end, the brother–who had his own problems–went to prison for life. Haro got a mere 8 years in a settlement arrived at before the trial actually began, and had not had to make an admission of guilt. It was quite a coup for Mesereau, whose most famous case was the acquittal of Michael Jackson from child molestation and conspiracy back in 2005.  Pesci stood by his ex valiantly– letting her stay in his house during the trial, and — I am told by sources–paying for her defense.

Mesereau also continues to do amazing work in Alabama, where he works pro bono defending poor people accused of capital crimes but who are unable to get a fair defense.

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  1. @Mary Taylor, you quote the bible but seem to forget all that it says…………. Romans 2:1 Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things.

  2. Joe Pesci made so many movies about crimes and gangsters that he acted in a real life situation, like a criminal himself, by protecting his ex-wife, Claudia Haro, who orchestrated a plot to MURDER her second ex-husband, Garret Warren. Joe Pesci will be punished by God for his role in interfering in the Justice process. The Prosecution of this evil, diabolic, mean spirited, Claudia Haro, was sabotaged by Joe Pesci’s interference. From that day forward, I predict that Joe Pesci ceased to be blessed by God, for his role in protecting a killer in the making. Joe Pesci made a conscious decision to harbor and defend a ‘Devil of a woman’, and for this, he will never, again, be recognized as a nice, decent, human being; his career is over for ever. I predict that Joe Pesci will die before his time, a broken man, financially bankrupt. Joe Pesci, go dig a hole and crawl in it. You are as much a scum bag, as your ex-wife, (a prison inmate), Claudia Haro. I don’t doubt it for a minute that Joe Pesci is the one who gave Claudia Haro the $10,000. to pay for the Hit Man to kill Garret Warren. Furthermore, it is known that Joe Pesci also paid for Claudia Haro’s legal fees, it is said, “REVENGE IS MINE, SAITH THE LORD'” Joe Pesci will feel the wrath of God for his part in that scenario.Needless to say, I will never watch another Joe Pesci movie, EVER again.

  3. This is A brutal miscarriage of justice. This woman should be in jail until she is old and withered and then beyond that. The american legal system at its best.

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