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It hasn’t even been released as a movie yet. But “The King’s Speech”–tipped as a definite multiple Oscar nominee–may be heading to Broadway next year.

Producer Michael Alden has put it up on his website as “a play by David Seidler,” the screenwriter of the Tom Hooper directed film.

Alden has already hired director Adrian Noble, the former head of the Royal Shakespeare Company, to bring the film to Broadway. Sources say that the movie’s stars —Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and Geoffrey Rush— are not expected to reprise their roles.

This story makes some sense. “The King’s Speech” could easily be translated to the stage. It’s that good. As a movie, it functions wonderfully. But after a play is staged, don’t be surprised if someone tries a musical. The material is that flexible and adaptable.

So far only Alden’s company seems to be involved with the straight dramatic version of “The King’s Speech.” But don’t be surprised if Harvey Weinstein gets into it. After all, he’s the one who made the movie and is nurturing it to its November 24th release and ultimate awards-strewn future.

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  1. Is Helena Bonham Carter finally back to playing normal people instead of gross distortions as in Alice and Terminator:Salvation?

    It seems like 15 years since one of the prettiest actresses has played role that wasnt a misfit or feral.

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