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An album of new Michael Jackson recordings–songs left behind and remixed since his death–is on its way.

The question, though, is when?

A Sony source confirmed for me that the album will arrive before Christmas. So far, the date can’t be set because the work isn’t finished.

In the end, four of what might be 12 tracks will be derived from sessions Michael did with Eddie Cascio in his suburban New Jersey studio three years ago. At least one of those tracks was originally co written and produced by Eddie’s brother Frank Cascio for an R&B singer named Bobby Ewing.

Some of the other tracks will be outtakes from Jackson albums, a Paul Anka song called “Love Never Felt So Good” from the session that produced the title track for “This Is It.”

Jackson co-executor John McClain is in charge of the project. Sources say that McClain’s been relying heavily on Michael’s brother, Jackie, for help since he’s not, technically, a music producer. Rodney Jerkins and Akon are also working on tracks. It’s unclear whether so many producers can affect a consistent sound.

Last week, Sony chief Rob Stringer went out to Los Angeles, I am told, to supervise and give comments on the progress of the album. After all it’s part of his $200 million deal with the Jackson estate. Sony wants the album to be a huge smash.

The Jackson estate, by the way, is working on several more projects including a documentary or reality show about the putting together of the new live Cirque du Soleil project.

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  1. Michael produced his music without thinking of trends. if temporary “musicians” like akon work on his timeless songs that means sony only cares about easy money and doesnt give a damn whether these songs are worth listening to a few years later

  2. I am a huge MJ and Elvis fan I love to hear everything about MJ but since the murdered of MJ the dream got shattered even though is gone we still remain and we all waiting to hear MJ recorded this album sounds like a nightmare.

  3. every tom, dick and harry knowz Micheal was and will ever b d best this century so wen they drop his new album,it will go multi platinum. PERIOD

  4. Neverland let poor children get bussed in like MJ did in his lifetime
    the estate should donate to MJ causes like he did while alive Green comps jump on Earth song MJ wrote way before GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL !

  5. Relax everyone I am a huge MJ and Elvis fan I want to hear everything MJ ever recorded ! Elvis had hits years after his death I love remixes
    M Monroe even had a disco remix hit huge in NYC club scene years ago
    MJ concert In Hawaii was the best live concert I ever saw been to about 50 concerts . MJ fans need a place to go like Graceland YES redo

  6. MJJ , what the hell do you know? You don’t know at what stages this music was when MJ died, you don’t know where they put their filthy hands on his unreleased music, were they even allowed to choose and take what they want to release. The estate is hijacked by people who MJ did not want to do business with anymore, WTF! A will from 2001 is not his a latest will, can you open your eyes, Branca was fired long ago! The remastered albums that you’re talking about after Invincible were part of his Damn contract with Sony, he had to fulfill it whether he wanted to or not. You’re so ignorant, go see on youtube MJ’s speech on Sony in the UK and what he said of any new work with Sony and stop misleading the fans, he wanted NO MORE SONY ! This music put together in bits and pieces by other artists without MJ’s supervision can never be called MJ’s music, those demos are things he never released cause they were just that “DEMOS”, they were never produced or finished. They are using MJ fans GRIEF to take advantage of us !! WTF a set of DVD’s with all the same shit boxed up again, and releasing a video he never finished ! Im not paying $40 bucks for stuff I already own, don’t be STUPID people !! PLEASE! BOYCOTTSONY

  7. PS: Nobody is “robbing MJ’s estate blind”, the estate executor (Not “Executioner”)John Mclain, was appointed by Michael himself. And was the key negotiator in bringing the estate, thus Michael’s children, a $200 million plus contract (biggest in music industry history). Can’t wait for this album. Love you Mike.

  8. Okay…so to those who are screaming that this isn’t a true MJ album, or that he was “killed” for his catalog, let’s just relax for a moment. Teddy Riley worked on Invincible and all the way back to Dangerous. John Mclain was very close with Michael, had his trust and executive produced Invincible. Collaborations with other current pop artists is standard for any MJ project. Michael in fact did produce much of what we will hear, MJ never went in to a studio to just stand in the vocal booth, sing, and leave like most pop music trash these days, he was involved in every sonic aspect of his songs during his recordings he had his hands in everything. His work isn’t being thrown out, just polished from an engineering/production/mastering standpoint with some minor creative additions. Michael also brought back Dileo as his manager because he wanted to head more in the direction he was in during the Bad era, which as it turns out is the recording era we will hear some unpublished tracks from on the new album. If Michael had wanted to completely sever ties with Sony post-Invincible he would not have recorded for, promoted, and approved Remastered editions of Off the Wall, Thriler, & Bad, not to mention Number Ones, The Essential Micheal Jackson, & The Ultimate Collection. ALL of which were produced and released by Sony with MJ’s approval, after Invincible. Generally, this new record should sound like a mix between Bad & Invincible. And if you ask me, that’s pretty bad ass.

  9. Last week I have read an information from Steve Lukather, former Toto guitarist (and Michael’s session player who played rhythmguitar and bassguitar on “Beat It”), who posted on his facebook account, that he has just finished some recordings he did as a session player for the new album of Michael Jackson, so they are still editing and recording stuff for that release. He also mentioned, he played a new rhythmguitar part and a solo on one of the new songs. But that was the only information he gave there. I think, this will be interesting!!

  10. I congratulate you for everything you do for Michael’s fans still grieving!
    This engineer must be commemorated world every second, every day by all the people on this planet simply because Michael Jackson was and remains the largest and most beloved artists of all time.
    Nobody will never match because it was divinity in the heart, the voice and the smile was a absolute trinity!
    Now there is no consequence if all realize that greatness is too late, I knew not save him in time when we desperately required help, when we conveyed clear messages through his songs, he tried to fight alone without fear the forces of darkness ….
    Now I have slain, after he was vilified for life after he was forced milled after they controlled their feelings after they have passed the money was becoming dangerous now … ready … , be removed after a ritual well calculated and thought!
    I still hope that everything is part of the agenda, as my king is alive, but kept well hidden, but if you will use for evil purposes, then all humanity did evil to be against them forever!
    God protects his children and his mother!
    I love my king!

    Mihaela Romania

  11. Sony is why Michael is dead,I will not support sony.I wish Michael had just retired and never considered doing the London concerts, I believe he would still be alive.I love watching Michael’s videos and hearing him sing,but he paid the ultimate price his life.I would rather Michael be alive with his children who need him, and just being happy which he deserves.

  12. Love Never Felt So Good was recorded by Johnny Mathis and is on his 1984 CBS album A Special Part Of Me.
    And the MJ solo demo leaked years ago on the internet… So nothing new here.

  13. Thanks for the update. You are the only person in the media keeping us up to date with this album. I hope they dont blow it.
    But as an MJ fan, i have been waiting for this for 4 years! Since he went to Bahrain and there were talks of the new album.
    Then when he passed i thought that may hurry up a new album. They should have released it in June on the anniversary.

  14. I loved Jackson’s work with Teddy Riley. Really looking forward to this, sad as it may be. “HIStory” and “Blood on the Dancefloor” were underrated and even “Invincible” has some standout tracks that deserved more attention than both Sony was willing to stoke at the time and Jackson wasn’t exactly a gaffe-proof or tireless promoter either in his later years.

  15. Roger will not mention the Teddy Rileys and others because he wants people to think that Sony spent 200 million to have John McClain and Jackie Jackson produce the album. Everyone knows the work Jackie is doing is no more that glorified administrative stuff. The album will be released when it’s finished and it will be great, like every other MJ project.

  16. If its taking so much work and time to put together, how much of it will be what Michael did and how much is what all these other people have done? doesn’t sound like a Michael Jackson album to me.
    and Paul Anka!? not buying anything with his stuff on. why they use his song anyway.? after he said Michael stole the ‘This is it’ song from him!

  17. further, ne-yo worked with mj up until june 25th. & of course theres will.i.am. he may be against this album bc he has a soul but those songs that he produced with mj were/are mj’s property. who knows who’s got their hands on it now. I doubt whoever it is will just sit idly by on what many consider to be a goldmine. I am curious how mj fans will respond to this album given Sony’s involvement. we all know how badly mj wanted nothing to do with Sony, & how happy he was when his 15 yr contract with them finally ended in 2006. but then, of course his estate executers branca & mcclain made a new contract for him after he died with… Sony.

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