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It was only a few months ago there were protests in the West End of London against Andrew Lloyd Webber.
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The box office is a horror. Paramount's "Smile," a movie we will never see, managed to grab $22 million...
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"Bros," billed as an all gay comedy, is a box office disaster. Total receipts for Thursday and Friday came...
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It's not like Universal didn't put everything into "Bros." The marketing and publicity have been superior. Billy Eichner has been everywhere. And "Bros" has...
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I said yesterday that Harry Styles fans may not be going to see "Don't Worry Darling" because they have homework.
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George Clooney and Julia Roberts aren't the only ones to find their tickets to paradise this month. Universal Pictures may have, too.
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Unfortunately, the Harry Styles fans are all in school and doing homework. They are not using the midweek days to go see "Don't Worry...
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Maybe the next role for Lea Michele should be Wonder Woman. Since the "Glee" star took over as Fanny...
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The Global Citizen special on ABC was the lowest rated show network show Sunday night on the four main broadcast networks.
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Oh, Mariah. She sounded great in her 16 minute show for Global Citizen last night in Central Park. But it was unclear if she...